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Operation Poltergeist

Operation Poltergeist is the name of the operation undertaken by Yugobatania against the nations of Greater Saint-Paul and The Soviet States of Europe. It was a joint operation between the 1st and 2nd Yugo Fleets, commanded by Captains Zakaria Burch and Edsel Loren. The Yugobatanian Special Operations Division (YSOD) also took part among the operation, providing support against classified targets in GSP and FSSE.

As of writing this, Operation Poltergeist is currently underway, and Yugobatania right now of publishing has taken the major cities of New Riga in the north of GSP, as well as New Victoria in the west, and Frankonia in The Soviet States of Europe.

Operation Poltergeist was also put into action shortly after Operation Double Cross, another major Yugobatanian operation during the Circum-Cision War.

1st & 2nd Yugo Fleet Routes

Operation Poltergeist