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🕊 Ambassadorial Aediles - Oatland's face to the world

The Not-All-That-Imperial Republic of Oatland
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Ambassadorial Aediles - Oatland's face to the world

What are Ambassadorial Aediles?
Ambassadorial Aediles are members of Oatland who volunteer to be the face of Oatland abroad. They represent our region in our embassies, keep us informed of events in those regions and keep them informed of events within Oatland.

Becoming an Ambassador:
Members interested in becoming an ambassador should contact The Peoples Place of Living to express their interest and the regions they would prefer to work with. Once a region is assigned the ambassador should identify themselves as our ambassador to that regions government.

Ambassador's duties:
Ambassadors need to be involved in your assigned region. You can do this by participating in their RMB, Discord and Forums. Ambassadors are also responsible for notifying their assigned region of events in Oatland and keeping our region informed of going on abroad. At a minimum Ambassadors should send a monthy report to the Magister Literarum detailing events in their assigned regions.


Assigned Region