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How war works in the DEoD

Battles consist of the Sum of the Defense Forces and law enforcement of the Attacking Nations vs. The Sum of the Defense Forces of the Defending Nations. When attacking a major city, defense can add 1,000 to their score. When attacking a capital, defense gains 3,000 added to their score. Once values are calculated, do /roll 1dX in the google hangouts where X starts at 1d10 and 6+ are a defence win. 5 and below are an attacking nation win. the number will be expanded by 1 for every 100 more score a force has than the opposing force. Example: I have 5,000 defence force and the attacking nation has 4,000 defence force and law enforcement combined. We roll a 1d20 and 6-20 are a win for the defence. 1-5 are a win for attacking nations. If I were attacking, 1-15 would be a win for me, as I have 1000 more score than them, so I should have a much higher chance of winning. Tell me if something doesn't make sense

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