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OSN-TWC Armistice [Invalid]

OSN-TWC Armistice

Purpose: To gain peace and prevent further incursions of activities of subterfuge attempts and sabotage from the OSN and stop further affiliation with the Kaiserreich via OSN.

Invalid: 5/19/2019

I. Boundaries and Territory

The boundaries and territories between the OSN and Wolf Clan be respected. Should it be violated such as spies getting caught or suspicious activity it constitutes as an act of war. Must seek arbitrator (s) to seek to prevent actions of a resulting war.

II. TWC Armistice with Order of the Southern North

Agree to cessation of active attempts at subterfuge and sabotage.

Ban of mass recruitment telegrams between OSN and TWC regions.

OSN assurance that their troops and/or spies would not be pressed into service by Kaiserreich against the TWC.

III. Arbitration

If two regions are not able to work it out themselves it shall move to a 3rd party arbitration. The Arbitrator (s) must come from a list of agreed upon neutral parties.

Arbitrator List

Novus Lucidum
The FM

IV. Rights of Justice And Enforcement

Said regions have the right to try spies.

An extradition process which allowed up to 1 week.

If a nation leaves before trial they must make appeal to the arbitrator (s) for a delay and notification of when they will return.

Odinburgh is the arbitrator magistrate in enforcing this treaty and all parties may seek him for advice or questioning.

V. Treaty Violation Procedure

Should there be a violation of the treaty Novus Lucidum would close its embassy with OSN as show of force that the treaty has been violated if it has occurred. Only an embassy can be reopened if a new agreement has been agreed to.

VI. The Non-Agression Pact

Novus Lucdium shall not be dragged into a war or OSN activities relating to the Wolf Clan and Kaisserreich should an act of a violation of this treaty occur.

VII. Violations

If members of OSN take offensive as part of the new ITDA NSIC or in Kaiseerich military that will be considered a declaration of war.

Active attempts at subterfuge and sabotage.

Mass recruitment telegrams between TWC and OSN regions.


Novus Lucidum


Great Cyan