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"Fred's Dead"

Part V of “The Circum-Cision Chronicles"

Somewhere in the Aisdor Region

I couldn’t believe my eyes. For such a creature of magnificent prowess and was a shame that it had to be locked in here. But alas, this cage was only temporary, as the rest of us would have to conduct more tests on it, as well as the rest of them, in the wild.

I wildly stared at the creature resting in the cage, asleep, and lying down. Its scaly eyes were shut, and its chest heaved up and down with the great breaths it took. It had large teeth extending from its upper-jawline. It had scaly skin as dark as night, and an intimidating array of red stripes ran down its back. Its claws were massive, with only three fingers. And it was massive as well! About 20 feet tall, in fact, with a length of about 50 feet long. Spikes jutted from its rigid backbone, as a sort of armor for itself. The Carnotitan was a species that was native only to Yugobatania, as far as we could tell - and went extinct over 65 million years ago.

And thankfully, that thing wasn’t awake, because I sure as hell wouldn’t be around when it was.

It was only one of about 250 other various creatures. There were many who were the some, but there was also a variety of these other terrible lizards, of all shapes and sizes.

The only thing separating us from its comfy cage was a clear, very strong, plexiglass wall with air holes. A stinky, fly-filled, pile of meat and a small watering hole were scattered among the large cage, and soft, natural-feeling LEDs lit the room up.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” said a familiar voice. I turned to my left, and saw my co-worker, Rick Gerome. He was that typical nerdy guy you see in school - glasses, lab coat, even a pocket-protector with his white lab coat. He was holding a cup of coffee, taking periodic sips from it.

“It sure is, Rick,” I said. “Soon, we’ll be able to clone even more of them, and see how they behave in the wild.”

Rick took a sip from his coffee. I took a glance back at the creature.

“I think that it’s a great chick-magnet.”


“Y’know, like, imagine if you were riding in one day on one of these things, and you’d be all like ‘Wassup ladies?’”

We both laughed at the thought.

“We should be rechecking the DNA sequences,” I said. “Never can be too sure.”

Rick sighed, giving me that “But I don’t feel like it” look.

“Alright. But this time, I’ll be the one to check the nucleic acid sequence. Remember what happened last time?”

“Look, that was a simple mistake, okay? How was I supposed to know that it contained more than five phosphate molecules?”

We began walking the other direction. The lab itself was huge. It was in a large facility, about as large as a basketball court. Various other cages containing the creatures were scattered about for testing. The walls and floors were painted white. It was a tall forty-story building, located in the Aisdor Region. We were underground, deep in the subterranean testing facilities away from the public eye. People were working on microscopes and computers and other various things on this project. A large door served as an entryway for big things, with a smaller door for small things - like us. Our company was known as Yu-Genics, a pun on the phrase “Eugenics”. I thought it sounded pretty stupid, honestly.

It was a pretty boring place to look at, to be honest. I guess that’s just me. I’ve worked here for five years already, and I know this place like the back of my hand. Me and Rick stopped by my desk in the middle of the lab - a mess of papers and folders with a computer in the center.

“Dude, you’ve got to clean your workspace,” Rick said to me, leaning on my desk, looking disoriented about the stacks of papers.

“I like it. Beauty among the chaos, you know?” I said, as I was trying frantically look for the nucleic acid sequence reports. Maybe I should clean up a bit, for a little more ease of mind.

Finally, I found the file on it. It was labelled as “Carnotitan”, which meant “Carnivorous Giant”. That was the creature we looked at earlier. A dinosaur. And we were the first ones in the world to clone them - successfully, if I may add.

Rick began to talk, as I was handing him the file.

“So, you like ja-”

His words were cut off, as the large entry doors began to open up. Klaxons and red lights turned on above it, as they slid open ever so slowly. Suddenly, about 20 armoured cars and trucks drove inside. People ran out of the way, as they ran into tables and other equipment, before stopping. We ran closer for a better look. Men poured out of the trucks, armed with firearms. Our other co-workers flocked around the event, bewildered just as we were.

A man ran towards them. It was our supervisor, whom I only knew of as Fred - a chubby man with a large bald spot on the back of his head.

“Who the hell are you guys?” he said angrily, pointing at them.

A man walked out from one of the trucks, flanked by what appeared to be his bodyguard. He was wearing a beret, as well as a camo fatigue with body armour.

“This doesn't look good,” I whispered to Rick.

“Who’s that?” he asked back quietly, pointing at the figure.

“I think he’s the head honcho of these guys.”

The man removed his sunglasses. His hair was starting to turn gray - but he still looked pretty scary. What was even more scary was the various scars among his face. Yeesh. He most definitely needed some plastic surgery.

“Ah, Fred,” he said in a husky voice. He grinned, showing many wrinkles. “How nice it is to see you again.”

“What are you doing here Solomon?” Fred replied.

“Wait…that’s our Supreme Leader?” Rick whispered in surprise. “What happened to him?”

I merely just shrugged, as I was confused as everyone else.

“It’s impolite to speak to your leader in an informal manner, don’t you think?”

Suddenly, one person exclaimed “Heil Solomon!”, and raised their arm to the Yugo salute. Others followed suit, but me and Rick quietly did nothing. No one seemed to care, thankfully.

“That’s more like it. Now-”

“You didn’t answer my question, Solomon,” Fred interrupted, his face even more angry. Bad move. Solomon stared at Fred.

“Well, Fred - that’s your name right?” Solomon said. Fred nodded, as Solomon began walking towards him slowly. “It’s a crime, you know, to not address your leader in the proper manner.”

He stopped in front of Fred, looking down upon him, as he was taller. It kind of looked funny actually, in a weird way. I was starting to sweat now, even though the room was air-conditioned.

“I am now taking control of Yu-Genics, as well as this operation.”

Everyone broke into a murmur.

What?!” Fred exclaimed. “I’ve been facilitating Sector G for twenty years! You can’t just take it from me like that!”

I looked behind me, and saw the dinosaurs start to get riled up - perhaps due to all the noise. They began to make noises as well, ones that sounded like taunting. It sort of reminded me of a jail - the dinosaurs as the criminals, taunting the new guy who just entered the block. Only, this new guy is our Supreme Leader.

Supreme Emperor Solomon began walking towards one of the cages. People made a path for him, moving out of the way. Solomon stopped in front of the Carnotitan.

“Is this one of them?” he said, pointing at it while looking at Fred.

Fred nodded, reluctantly.

“Hm...most interesting,” Solomon replied, putting his hand to his chin in thought, his other hand behind him.

Suddenly, the Carnotitan jumped forwards towards the plexiglass, banging it with its head. It roared, nearly deafening me, and perhaps everyone else. Solomon only took a step back, relatively unphased. My fellow co-workers panicked, but Solomon stood his ground. He was actually smiling, surprisingly.

“Ah ha want to know how I got these scars?” he said to everyone. Before anyone got a chance to speak, he continued on. “From this bugger, right here.”

The Carnotitan was walking back and forth behind the plexiglass, snapping its jaws at him.

“This is the bugger that gave me these scars…” he said, running his finger from a large scar that ran from his mouth to his cheek. He looked back at the Carnotitan, not saying anything for a while. Finally, he turned towards us.

“We are to commence Operation Thunder Quake at once.”

I was unsure what the heck they were talking about, and so was everyone else, but apparently Fred knew.

“We can’t! We haven't tested them fully! It’s too dangerous!” he walked up to Solomon, and placed his finger on his chest firmly. “I’m not going to have more people die!”

The Carnotitan was still pacing back and forth, its small beady eyes looking at Solomon. Perhaps it too had a deep hatred of Solomon as well.

“Well…” Solomon grabbed Fred by the collar, somehow lifting his fat arse off the ground. “Since you disobeyed my orders…”

Solomon threw Fred to the ground.

“ are hereby discharged from service. Have a happy retirement.”

Solomon pulled out a pistol from his holster, and fired a shot at Fred. People screamed and gasped, as blood spilled from a neat bullet hole in Fred’s head.

“Now…” Solomon placed back his gun. “As I said earlier, Operation Thunder Quake is in effect. Which means…”

He placed his hand on the plexiglass. The Carnotitan banged the wall with its head. Solomon looked at the Carnotitan, and removed his hand, his face filled with displeasement. He still put on a smile for some reason.

“ are to deploy these beasts against our enemies in Vielo against the Montarcian forces, as well as the Lapathiyans and the Waupun Islanders occupying our glorious city.”

Solomon paced back and forth, as the Carnotitan started at him. The other dinosaurs in the room were making noises as well, roaring and screeching. But somehow Solomon was able to project his voice over all the noise.

“And comes my favorite part…” he said. “We send them Eripolis as a little gift...and we can’t forget about Oskarheim, Montarc themselves, and The Islands of Tonga, right? But first, we have some other things we need to set up...things that go boom in the night, if you catch my drift.”

Solomon walked back towards his armoured car. Soon, the soldiers got in, and started their engines. I had a bad feeling about that last sentence. Especially because he was still technically the leader of a terrorist organization. An organization that's willing to use any means necessary to win...

“Ooh…this is gonna be fun!” he said in a childish manner. I can’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not. They drove off, leaving us alone with the dinosaurs once more. Thankfully, they all calmed down as well. Our co-workers started to disperse, a sense of tension filling the lab.

I was standing and looking at Fred’s body, as he was being dragged away by some other workers.

“Well, that was something,” Rick said, sipping his coffee as if nothing happened. “Oh great, I’m out of coffee already? I gotta go get some more. Catch you around.”

He walked off. I looked at him, and stared at the Carnotitan.

“ sure was bud.”
It was staring back at me, and somehow I felt as if we both knew what was soon to come.

“It sure was…”

OOC: This is what I imagine that the Carnotitan would look like (image is not mine):

On a side note, keep in mind that the nations mentioned would will have no idea what will hit them, or what Operation Thunder Quake is, just to be realistic.

The Resurrection of Yugobatania