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by The Resurrection of Yugobatania. . 19 reads.

"Special Report by the Yugobatanian Public Broadcasting Service"

Part VI of "The Circum-Cision Chronicles"

Later that day, a the Yugobatanian Public Broadcasting Service releases a special statement nationwide on TV. The broadcast was also secretly made to have a stronger signal, so it would reach other nations as far as South Anea.

"Heil Solomon! Hello, my name is Lisa Hamilton, and this is YPBS. Earlier today, the country of Minuda has dropped what is being dubbed as a 'Green Cloud', into our major cities of Vielo and Port Rione. Our nation has suffered enough, and personally, I think that we should end this stupid war..."

The broadcast cuts to static for a couple of minutes. In between, short split-second clips of the reporter are shown, looking as though she is being dragged off by multiple men. It soon returns back to normal, this time with a new reporter in place. He puts his hand on his earpiece, and continues on.

"Erm...Heil Solomon! Hello folks, I'm Ron Sterling of YPBS. Lisa Hamilton unfortunately, had a...uh...unfortunate incident, I should say," he shuffles his papers and takes a sip of a glass of water next to him. "Now, our Supreme Emperor Solomon has not been heard from for the past few weeks. But from what we do know, he and his generals are dealing with the situation gallantly. But, a message has been handed to us by letter from the Supreme Emperor. It says here..."

Ron Sterling flips through some papers, and pulls one out of the small pile.

"Ah, here we go." He puts it up near his face. "Dear aggressors against Yugobatania...we, the people, the government, everyone, of Yugobatania is most unhappy with what has begun as a simple 'misunderstanding' against us. Our government will use any means necessary, even if it means...'"

Ron Sterling paused for a second, and gulped.

"'...using our own citizens against you, leaving us no choice but to...sacrifice their lives. You may think it is uncivil, but we call it our last option. Erm...this so called 'Green Cloud' is merely just a small obstacle that can be swept away. You may think that you have won, demoralized us, scared us, beaten us but our day will come very soon against all of you. Ultio et ego victoria..."

Ron Sterling looked slowly back up at the camera, and tried his best to put on a smile.

"That will be all for today. Thank you...and may you all be blessed with the best of luck, and keep your families safe at home."

Ron Sterling sees a little note at the bottom.

"Wait a second, it says here to 'play the live footage.' What footage? I wasn't informed..."

The broadcast suddenly cut to static. Then, it cut to footage of Yugobatania, live on air. It showed horrifying images of citizens suffering and running away from the enemy. Violent images of dead citizens, their eyes bloodshot from the gas, were shown. Many of their bodies were corroded, their skin peeling off.

The next shot showed a little child, dead. Gun shots littered her chest and head. Surrounding her were what appeared to be Montarc and Waupun Island soldiers, laughing around her, and taking a smoke break. The camera was hiding from them from what appeared to be a balcony. The soldiers seemed to notice it, as they shot at the camera, flipping backwards, presumably killing the cameraman. It cut to static, ending the broadcast.