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Yugobatanian Propaganda Posters

These posters were created by the Yugobatanian Public Broadcasting Service (YPBS) to rally troops up to fight in the Circum-Cision War. They are still pulling out new designs, and currently these are the only ones they have. More posters are to be added in the future.

This poster is an invigorating image of Supreme Emperor Solomon, with the words "UNITE" written in bold letters underneath. It was debated on what should have been put underneath - examples include "RAGE", "LEGACY", as well as "TACO", but were rejected in favor of what we have here.

This poster was taken by a member of the Yugobatanian Armed Forces during the Yugo-Unian War. It depicts a blackened out image of Private 1st Class David Johnson, behind him the country of the Unian union of city states. It soon became an iconic image, reproduced many times across Yugobatania, and is now used today in this form. The words "AD VICTORIAM" mean "TO VICTORY" in Latin.