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Voltarium Roleplay Rules

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[size=200][b][colour=FFCC00]The Voltarium Dispatch
[i]Welcome to Volt![/i][/colour][/b][/size]

NOTE: These Rules are subject to change due to the size of Volt, problems regarding to Roleplay, leaders, admins or people implementing new rules on this dispatch and whatever Jimmy may be planning to do. 

But don't worry! I will notify everyone what I changed and people who have done it in the past will be excused and those who are too lazy to read the new rule will not be excused!

[b]NOTE: Failure to comply to these rules may result in being ignored in roleplay, become a non-existent nation, or get kicked out of the rp group and maybe the region, depending on the rule you have broken.[/b]

These rules are set to ensure equality in the roleplay and destroy elitism, or people who think they are the best because of their population and GDP, like Jimmy here.

[box][anchor=BRules][center][size=175][b][color=gold]Basic Rules[/color][/b][/size][/center][/anchor]
[center][b][i]In every region with a rp community, there are always rules and guidelines one must follow in order to join the community[/i][/b][/center]
[spoiler][list=I][*][b]God-modding is strictly-prohibited, you can never be like Thanos and just snap every enemy troop out of existence. 

[*]Be friendly with each other when you are OOC (Out-Of-Character), when IC (In-Character), you may wish to at each other's throats.

[*]You must only have one nation in rp, if you want to change your nation to another or add two or more you must speak to the Roleplay Minister [nation]Kemonomica[/nation] or the Chancellors [nation]RegiisCarmina[/nation] & [nation]Corulag[/nation]

[*]We use the RMB (Regional Message Board) for Roleplay, Discord RP text channel is used for clearing out confusion regarding to rp posts and other rp related topics but it is never used for roleplaying.

[*]Be mature, descriptive and logical when posting on RMB.

[*]You are able to choose whatever species your nations people are (ex. human, elves, etc.) but these won't give you any advantage over any other race/species.

[*]Magic is allowed but with limited usage only and it may affect wars to an small extent.

[*]You must create a military dispatch if you want to join in wars [url=](Press this for an empty military dispatch template)[/url]

[*]Following that your nation is allowed to have 0% to 12% of the nation in the military (Be Aware as this affects your nation's economy and labor force.) [url=](Useful link)[/url]

[*]You may also want to create a factbook of your nation as the region doesn't use NationStates stats (Includes everything like population, industries, etc.)  to determine who is powerful or who is more educated, etc. [url=](Press this for an empty wiki dispatch template)[/url]

[*]You must be on the map to be in the Roleplay community of Voltarium. Contact [nation]RegiisCarmina[/nation] through telegram or discord.
[box][anchor=WritingTips][center][size=175][b][color=gold]Tips for writing an RP post[/color][/b][/size][/center][/anchor]
[b]It's highly recommended you read this as it will guide you to being a better roleplayer in nationstates.[/b]
- [b]Use proper spelling and grammar[/b]: A post needs to readable if you want someone to
respond. It doesn't need to be perfect, just review it quickly before you post to catch any errors.

[b]Too Long, Too Short[/b]: RP posts that are only one or two lines long are not ideal, nor are
posts that could rival [i]Ulysses[/i] in length. Now, inevitably you will probably have to write both
of these types sooner or later, but try to keep these the exception rather than the rule.

-[b]Break it up[/b]: A wall of text is difficult and unpleasant to read. Break up your writing into
separate paragraphs to make it flow better.

-[b]Be specific[/b]: “My fighters take off and attack your fighters”. Yeah, what? How many are
there? What kind of aircraft? How far away are they? Are they attacking with guns or missiles? If
missiles, how are they guided? A little detail goes a long way-this is a REQUIREMENT in the
Hope Federation, and a good idea everywhere else.

-[b]Avoid Godmodding[/b] Godmodding is an insidious issue which can creep into RP and is a
good way to cause lots of frustration. It manifests in different ways, but generally involves:
● Declaring someone else’s losses and/or giving them no chance to respond(Ex: “ I fire
1000 missiles at your ships and they all are hit and sink HA HA”. This is an extreme
example, but you get the idea.)
● Not declaring your own losses. You are not invincible, and unless there is an extreme
disparity in numbers/technological advancement(and I mean something like ten MiG-15s
against 120 F-22s), you are going to take losses. Be realistic in your assessment of
● Having equipment/soldiers which are ridiculously overpowered. Balance your strengths
and weaknesses, and remember to keep it realistic for modern tech.
● Having a ridiculous number of equipment/troops, especially in one area. You cannot
quickly move an army of 10 million all at once, and such an army would require immense
logistics operations to feed, shelter, fuel, and maintain. Likewise, cramming 2,000 aircraft
into a small combat area would flood radars and targeting systems, result in friendly fire
losses, and probably cause mid-air collisions.

-[b]Avoid Metagaming[/b]: Metagaming is godmodding equally evil cousin. Simply put
metagaming is using out-of-game information, or in-game information that you could not
possibly know, to influence your in-game behavior. If your enemy’s generals are discussing how
they will attack next while in a bunker located in the middle of nowhere, you can’t use that
information to decide your next move. Remember, you are not omniscient.
[box][anchor=NSStats][center][size=175][b][color=gold]Avoiding NS Stats[/color][/b][/size][/center][/anchor]
[b]We may be tempted to be better than everyone as that is human nature and since we will be voiding NationStates Statistics like population, Defense forces and all that good stuff, it's best to set up boundaries on how to avoid NS Stats and god-modding.

I will be stating only the important things you would have to change or know, the rest you can do whatever you want with it.

This information must be provided in a military dispatch or wiki dispatch depending on the topic, military and wiki templates are linked. at the bottom
[url=]Wiki Template[/url]
[url=]Military Template[/url][/b]
[b][list][*]Economy: This will be stated on [url=]NStracker[/url]. It will be the strength of your currency and how much it is worth.

[*]Population: Limited to 1.4 Billion people, China's Population. Though the population will have to be logical with your nation's size on the map, like you can't have 100 million people on a small island and I can't have around 300-500 million people on my three islands (I wish but that is the harsh reality I have to live with now).

[*]Defense Forces: Conscription is limited from none to 12% of your nation. Budget, personnel and other things about your military can be determined on [url=]NStracker[/url].

[*]Economic Output/GDP: Will be determined by [url=]NStracker[/url]. (Note: A bigger army would destroy your economy and unemployment would be high, etc.)

[*]Scientific Advancements: Don't go crazy with the advancements ladies and gentlemen, even though it's an age where there are cool things, we won't be having flying cars since it will basically be like flying an airplane and if there is an accident, don't be surprised if Jimmy crashes into a car and into a building.

The Empire of Voltarian Dispatch Office