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Kaskardia Monthly (erstwhile Kaskardian Chronicle) Issue 2

Issue 2

National News

Planners in panic as population reaches 2.3 billion

Top government officials and bureaucrats were thrown into a turmoil as the annual report pegged the population of Kaskardia at 2.3 billion, far surpassing the previous population growth estimates.
The Annual Population Growth report published by the Ministry of Human Resource (MoHR) and Statistical Institute of Kaskardia calculated the total population at 2.337 billion and population growth rate at 7.21%, far surpassing the initial population and population growth estimates of 1.918 billion and 4.1% respectively.
This has far reaching implications as the planning by the Ministry of Economy for annual budget distribution was done on basis of population estimates and various other organizations use the estimates for city planning, public housing construction, welfare distribution etc.
Furthermore, high population growth rate coupled with current lower economic growth rates is creating increase in unemployment rates which will continue to worsen in years to come.
A detailed analysis of the report is being done by the office of the President and they wish to come out with their reply "soon".

Parents body demands banning of popular app NikKnock

The President's office was flooded with emails and letters from "PaF" (Parents against Fun) demanding a complete shutdown and ban on 'NikKnock', a short-video streaming website, wildly popular among teens and tweens all over Kaskardia. NikKnock has subversive . A repersentative of the body said "This is corrupting the souls of our poor children and popularizing unethical and amoral behaviour." She further quoted an example of '#EggEm' challenge, which required eggs to be thrown on passerby and running from the spot and video being shot and uploaded over the platform for a cash prize, which has resulted in injuries to many.
On the other spectrum, Nick Yang, spokesperson of NikKnock said "We understand the concern of the parents and will try to take necessary steps. But a complete ban steps over the freedom of speech and expression." Anne Young, a teenage 'NikKnoker' amassing 5 million fans over the platform, was visibly infuriated when asked about the issue "Parents does not want us to have fun. I mean, what is wrong with throwing egg on someone? It doesn't hurt and we all have fun. No restrictions should be placed on NikKnock!"
The President, behind a pile of letters and clearing his inbox, meanwhile hoped the a middle ground can be reached soon.

International News

Kaskardia takes over as ambassador in a ceramony held in One big island

The government has recently announced that Kaskardia has been appointed as Official Ambassador of Lazarus to the beautiful tropical region of One big island in a ceremony held in the capital of founder nation of One big island, BrightonBurg after deliberate decision take by Lazarene appointment committee, which has Your Imaginary Friend as its chairperson.
In his speech, the President expressed his heartiest gratitude to the committee and to members states of One big island for trusting Kaskardia with this prestigious position and assured that Kaskardia will work diligently in improving the relations of the two great regions.
The President also apologized over the delay in ceremony to take place, even as appointment was cleared months ago. The President had flown to the tropical region as soon as the appointment had took place.
Opposition leaders have alleged that the president was 'soaking up the sun' in the time delay.



Rearrange the letters in given jumbled words to make ordinary words

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