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Soyo-Kogskinogski Security Treaty

Article 1. In the event of one or more parties to this treaty being faced with a grave existential threat, all parties to this treaty shall mobilise to defend against this threat.
Article 2. All parties to this treaty shall send 5 delegates to the Soyo-Kogskinogski Security Council.
Article 3. Any party to this treaty shall be able to request a meeting of the Soyo-Kogskinogski Security Council in Huranya.
Article 4. The Soyo-Kogskinogski Security Council shall have the power to approve or reject each request with a majority vote.
Article 5. The Soyo-Kogskinogski Council shall approve or reject each request within 24 hours of the request being made.
Article 6. At meetings, the Soyo-Kogskinogski Security Council shall vote on enforcing Section I with majority votes, and will discuss the organisation of the parties to this treaty's relevant military campaigns.

Signed by
Josepf Tato
in Huranya.