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The region of WESC tourists guide

The region of WESC

Flag of the region of WESC

Motto: Democracy is the worst form of government,
except all the others.


Population: 5,200,000,000

Official Language: English

Demonym: WESCian

Upper Government:
- Glorious Leader: The caden republic
- WA Delaget: Duckrep
- Foreign Relations Officer: Slappee
- Secretary of Defense: Villain land

Lower Government:
- Homeland Officer: Slappee
- Secretary of State: Biglads
- Communications and Recruitment Officer: New sugarcane

Establishment: June 2nd, 2019

Land Area: 4.833 million kmē
Water Area: 1.461 million kmē
Water %: 30%

Highest Point: 5.1 km
Lowest Point: 93 m below sea level

GDP (nominal): 18 Billion Universal Credits

Human Development Index: 66.5
Highest HDI: 82.11
Lowest HDI: 51.96

Currency: Universal Credits for international

Time Zone: UTC−01:00 to UTC+05:00

Units of Measurement: Mixed, Article Written by Metric Nation

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +60 through +68

Internet TLD: .wesc

Nations in The Region of WESC
The caden republic
Ricardo miloss
New sugarcane
Fish Bois

EX Nations in the Region of WESC
The cool nation
The 2nd Duckrep Incident. Article coming soon

The region of WESC is a region dedicated to the international ideologically of democracy. It is located in Northern Africa, stretching up north into Southern Europe. A map is being developed. The region was created after all the former nations had revolutions, leading to instability within their newfound nations, so a few of the stable nations created and invited the newfound nations into The Region of WESC. The region got its name from the names of the four original leaders, who shall remain anonymous.

The Region of WESC is currently better than ever, and relatively stable. Despite its declining population, there is support to end the isolationists rule, and bring in outside population. The Upper government has actually done a couple of things recently, to the surprise of everyone.

1. Geography

2. Government
The Region of WESC is ran by the peoples democratic government, allowing everybody within the government to propose laws, and allowing all citizens to vote upon proposals. The two main parties are the isolationists/nationalists and the
2.1 Influences

2.2 Military

3. History

3.1 The Duckrep Incident
This was The Region of WESC's darkest hour, after tensions rising significantly because of rumors of Duckrep's puppet states changing the vote. NOTE: Duckrep had only one known puppet, duckrep2, which has now been deleted. No nations entered the region at the time or before the incident that were not WA verified, and the source of the rumors was from Our Glorious Leader The caden republic, who had previous hostility with Duckrep. Take these facts as you will, you will hear a very different side of the story from different sources.

After tensions rising to an extreme level, a revolution occurred, leading Duckrep and Slappee to leave and found the region South WESC, and recruiting a third person, Sugarr. After our glorious leader The caden republic left the region of WESC by voluntary exile all the nations in South WESC rejoined The Region of WESC. After a small period of time of being ruled by our WA delegate Duckrep Our Glorious Leader The caden republic rejoined and everything cooled off.

A full report can be found here:

3.2 The Second Duckrep Incident

4. Demographics