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2019 Oatland Summer Games - Halcyon Nova Info

Halcyon Nova
Team Roster, Logo, Uniforms, Anthems and Biographies
- Come Bear Witness to Pirates In Tights -

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Team Roster for Halcyon Nova

Gymnastics - Hawley 'One Leg' Larc, Kathryn 'Blades' Stryker
Swimming - Ripley 'Eskimo' Ogden, Robbie 'Hammock' Maxim
Weightlifting - Maxim "Swede" Johansen, Norman "Splitback" O'Brien
Rifle Shooting - Captain Jack Tre', Averett 'Blunderbuss' Carlton, Ivah 'Dubloon' Bartholomew
Decathlon - Georgianna 'Grim Reaper' Seth, Wetherly 'Zigzag' Zindo
Equestrian Sports - Wright 'Blackmane' Clayton, Lucille "Sidesaddle" Matlin
Archery - Severn 'Birds Eye' Redcap, Waverly 'I Got Gold' Sutton
Fencing - Captain Jack Tre', Calhoun 'Shifty' Griffin, Frank "The Mook" Moceanu (National Specialty)

Team Member Biographies

Kathryn 'Blades' Stryker / Age: 19 / While she might be into the ladies, she likes to dress like a man. She makes a tuxedo look good!

Hawley 'One Leg' Larc / Age: 19 / Tragically lost a leg to gangrene after it was slashed by Katie Stryker, Larc's skating partner’s skate. Hawley has an incredible sense of balance from standing atop of the mast with on just one foot!

Robbie 'Hammock' Maxim / Age: 24 / Spends most of her “Free Time” in her hammock making it a “Not So Free Time” for many of her shipmates!

Ivah 'Dubloon' Bartholomew / Age: 32 / Saved from certain death when she was blasted with a musket ball in an encounter – she is only alive because of her “lucky” dubloon in her chest pocket, which the musket ball fortunately struck.

Ripley 'Eskimo' Ogden / Age: 26 / Was found floating on an ice floe after he and some others from his village had gone fishing in their small boat. They accidentally snagged a whale, which pulled them out to sea and destroyed their boat, leaving Ripley to be the only survivor.

Wright 'Blackmane' Clayton / Age: 22 / Considered the ladies man of the team, his black hair blowing in the sea breezes make him resemble a virile, powerful lion.

Severn 'Birds Eye' Redcap / Age: 29 / This unfortunate gentleman’s eyes are the favorite target of seagulls throughout the Seven Seas! Severn is always looking upwards, making his eyes a perfect target for the birds to unload their “presents” upon.

Georgianna 'Grim Reaper' Seth / Age: 30 / No plant survives in the wake of the riptide that is “Grim Reaper” Seth. Some believe this is what allows her to speed along the trail.

Averett 'Blunderbuss' Carlton / Age: 22 / Found it difficult to hit the side of a fort with a musket, so instead took up the blunderbuss. Luckily, her aim with a rifle has since greatly improved.

Wetherly 'Zigzag' Zindo / Age: 28 / Finds it difficult to walk a straight line due to intense vertigo. Luckily, it's a very useful effect on the slopes!

Calhoun 'Shifty' Griffin / Age: 25 / One might see the nervousness coming off him in waves, almost. Because of his inability to sit or stand still, Shifty takes his expertise to the slopes most effectively.

Maxim "Swede" Johansen - 27 - Able to lift masts with one hand while standing on one foot, Maxim is definitely a shoo in for this event. His pecs were almost given their own coordinates when sighted from another ship.

Norman "Splitback" O'Brien - 32 - Being given the nickname "Splitback" is not a story Norman likes to talk about. While lifting a keg of ale onboard the Stand & Deliver, Norman suffered from a critical uniform failure... one which left his backside exposed for the world to see

Lucille "Sidesaddle" Matlin - 18 - Lucille much prefers riding sidesaddle to avoid chaffing - which is rather uncomfortable when one rides as much as she does

Waverly 'I Got Gold' Sutton - 27 - Nickname changed when he won gold in the 2019 Oatland Winter Games. His luck has changed finding gold all over the maps and has been the Golden Child of the Fleet ever since!

Frank "The Mook" Moceanu - 30 - With his thick Italian accent, The Mook much prefers sticking people with real knives as opposed to foils.

'Captain' Jack Tre' / Age: 32 / Born in Switzerland, our fearless leader was born with skis strapped to his feet – much to his mother’s chagrin! Wanderlust found him at an early age, and the seas called to him, his exploring heart set ablaze when he came aboard the good ship Stand & Deliver.

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