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The Regional Dependencies Act

Section 1: Title

The title of this law is "The Regional Dependencies Act". It may be cited as the "RDA".

Section 2: Definitions

"Cabinet Minister" means the Statsminister, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Administration and the Minister of Role Play.

"CISB" means the "Community, Independence, Solidarity, Brotherhood" region within the NationStates game.

"Citizen" means a nation that obtained full citizenship in the CISB region.

"Dependency" means a region within the NationStates game that is under the ultimate control of CISB, but is given limited autonomy to act as a platform for Puppets of CISB Citizens to engage in role play under alternative timelines and scenarios.

"Nation" means a nation within the NationStates game.

"Player" means an individual human player (or group of players) controlling a single account within the NationStates game.

"Founder" means the founder of CISB.

"Dependency Founder" means the founder of a Dependency Region.

"Dependency Official" means the Governor-General of a Dependency and any other official holding in-game authority within a Dependency.

"Principal Nation" means, with respect to each Player, one (and only one) Nation designated by that Player to be the main nation for purposes of the CISB region or CISB's Dependencies.

"Puppet" means any Nation, other than a Principal Nation, under common control by a single Player.

"Resident" means any nation that is a member of any region in the NationStates game.

Section 3: Applications

  1. Any Citizen of a CISB may write to the Statsminister of CISB, in the forms of telegram or dispatch, requesting the creation of a Dependency of CISB. This dispatch will be known as the "Application" and the player as the "Applicant".

  2. The Application must detail the proposed name and purpose of the Dependency.

  3. When reviewing a Application, the Statsminister must decide, following consultation with Cabinet Ministers, whether the following criteria are met:

    1. Has the Applicant decided to make the Application for a clear purpose?

    2. Is it within CISB's interests of regional harmony, security and moral obligations to accept the Application?

    3. Would accepting the Request be beneficial to the majority of residents of CISB?

  4. The answers to the above criteria must be affirmative in every case in order for the Statsminister to accept an Application on CISB's behalf.

  5. If the answer to any of the above criteria is "No", then the Statsminister must not accept the Application on CISB's behalf.

  6. The Statsminister may revoke their approval of an Application at any time, without reason. Similarly, even if all the aforementioned criteria are met, the Statsminister is under no obligation to accept the Application.

Section 4: Dependencies

  1. Once an Application has been accepted, the Founder must, using a puppet, create the Dependency region to the specifications requested by the Applicant and approved by the Statsminister. The puppet is known as the Dependency Founder.

  2. The Founder must always remain in control of the Dependency Founder.

  3. Dependencies will have no regional government of their own and will be reliant upon CISB for security and governance. However, upon instructions from the Statsminister, the Dependency Founder must appoint a resident of the Dependency to the office of "Governor-General." The Governor-General will act as Cabinet's representative in the Dependency and as such will be treated as the highest ranking resident of the Dependency.

  4. The Statsminister may also instruct the Dependency Founder to appoint one or more other residents of the Dependency to administer the Dependency's map and to administer RP within that Dependency. Any such Dependency Officials will be given the appropriate authority levels within that Dependency as they may need to perform their tasks.

  5. Residence in a Dependency is restricted to Puppets who are controlled by a Citizen of CISB. To enforce this requirement, the Dependency Founder must password-protect the Dependency and share the password only with the Statsminister, the Founder and any Citizens of CISB that personally telegram the Statsminister with a request to move a Puppet to the Dependency.

  6. The Statsminister must provide the password for a Dependency to any Citizen of CISB upon request unless the Statsminister considers disclosing the password to present a risk to the safety and security of either CISB or the Dependency. The Dependency Founder may change the password from time to time to protect regional security.

  7. Dependencies may actively recruit new members. However, any recruitment messages sent by a Dependency Official must direct newly recruited nations to CISB. Section 4.5 of this Law always applies to all recruited nations.

  8. The Governor-General is tasked with the day-to-day running of the Dependency.

  9. The Governor-General may write to the Statsminister to seek advice on executive actions to be made within the Dependency, in order to aid the day-to-day running of the Dependency.

  10. Section 4.9 of this Law includes the recommendation of appointments of further officers within the Dependency to carry out specific duties.

  11. The Governor-General is tasked with maintaining an up-to-date dispatch listing all the residents of the Dependency and their corresponding Principal Nation residing in CISB. This dispatch should be pinned the Dependency's World Facebook Entry.

  12. A Player may swap its Principal Nation in CISB with its puppet in a Dependency, however, each Player must always maintain one nation as a citizen of CISB at all times.

  13. Any Player that has a nation as a resident of a Dependency that does not also have another nation as a citizen of CISB will face summary ejection from the Dependency unless the Statsminister sees a valid reason to waive this rule.

  14. The Governor-General and the Dependency Founder are jointly responsible for upholding the standards set in this Law.

  15. The Statsminister retains the right to dismiss the Governor-General at any time from their position and appoint a replacement.

  16. Laws in CISB regarding World Assembly membership requirement for voting remain unaffected by Dependencies and their residents.

  17. Dependencies may not declare war on other regions nor attempt to break away from CISB. The government of CISB is tasked with protecting any Dependencies as though they are an integral part of CISB.

  18. Dependencies are first and foremost role-play platforms. Residents of each Dependency are free to decide amongst themselves on how Role Play will be conducted within their respective Dependencies.

  19. The seniority of the Governor-General of a Dependency must always be respected when discussing regional matters, although residents are expected to maintain the cordial and fair standards set by CISB at all times.

  20. The Government of CISB may dissolve any Dependency at any time if the Statsminister or the Founder declare this to be in the best interests of CISB.

Section 5: Retroactive Measures

  1. At the time this law is ratified, the following regions are declared Dependencies of CISB:

  2. The Founder must bring these regions into compliance with this law within ten (10) days, following which these regions will operate normally as Dependencies as prescribed by this law.