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FCN Competition Poll Info


Summer 2019 FCN Regional Competition

What is the poll for?
The poll is for an upcoming regional competition that I will be hosting. The competition may include one or two events, depending on how many votes the winning options get and how many people would be interested in doing stuff. The winner of the regional competition will likely receive upwards of 1.5-2 million FCN dollars, as well as a special role on the discord and a lasting place in FCN history.

When will it be held?
I will be asking cabinet and FCN members who answered the poll when they will be available for the competition, or when they believe it should be held. It'll likely be held during the day or afternoon EST time sometime during upcoming weeks.

What are the possible options for the competition we are voting on?
There are four possible options due to the top answers of the last poll:

HOI4 - Hearts of Iron IV is a World War II military strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive. The game can be modded to take place in several different eras, and can be modded for custom maps as well. The competition utilizing this game would likely be a 1V1 or 2V2 (If possible) bracket using custom competitive map mods, as to ensure all participants have an equal chance at winning at the start and that the competition will be based on purely strategy and skill.

Minecraft - Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang and Microsoft. The game is arguably the most popular worldwide, and allows users to build their own worlds, survive, fight with other players, and develop several minigames/servers within the game. A Minecraft competition would possibly involve building or PvP, and would be hosted on a private server (if possible).

FCN Wargames - The FCN wargames would be a roleplay held on the NationStates forum for our region and possibly allies. Participating roleplayers would apply as officers of their nation's military, who would be in charge of military forces of their nation during the exercises and wargames. Exercise forces strength would depend on a nation's total residency in the FCN, and would include land, air, and naval units. Wargames for land forces would likely utilize Linkthis 'laser-tag'-esque system.

Other Character Roleplay - Other character roleplay options could involve a meeting between nation's IC leaders, a roleplay where people apply as individual soldiers in a small military unit, or any other possible character roleplay. If you have anything in mind and want to vote for this, please send me a telegram of what exact idea you're thinking of!