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10 reasons why you should join Chicken Overlords

10: You have a say in the Future of the region.

If you wish to change something about the region you can request a poll by just telegraming the founder or delegate.

9: The RMB is versatile.

You can talk about anything you wish on the RMB whether it is political discussion, roleplay or just chatting.

8: Chicken Overlords is very active.

If you post anything on the RMB another nation will likely respond within a few hours, however the response time is often quicker.

7: You can discuss politics, history, science and a vast range of other subjects.

Chicken Overlords is always open to debate and you can discuss any subject you want on the RMB. You are always entitled to what ever opinion you have.

6: Chicken Overlords allows all opinions and ideologies.

We never restrict your freedom of speech or right to hold whichever opinion you want. All ideologies are welcome in Chicken Overlords no matter what.

5: You might elected as an officer or even the delegate.

If nations in Chicken Overlords so wish then we will begin elections where nations are able to be elected to all offices and as WA Delegate.

4: Older nations in Chicken Overlords offers advice to newer nations.

The older nations in Chicken Overlords will always advise newer nations and help to introduce them to Nationstates.

3: Chicken Overlords offers a vast range of roleplay.

No matter what and you want to roleplay about and when you want the roleplay to be set it is always accepted in Chicken Overlords. We also do not have roleplay rules which restrict your freedom to roleplay.

2: We are safe from raiders.

Chicken Overlords is safe from raiders as we have a very active founder therefore you never need to worry about such a danger.

1: We May establish a military.

If you enjoy military gameplay then you will enjoy Chicken Overlords. We have had numerous military successes and we may establish an official military. If you wish for this to happen please telegram the founder.

Contact us:

South His Majestys most loyal kangaroos Founder
Empire of Dogetopia Close friend and ally
The turkey nation Officer