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Executive Roles Policy -- Atlantis 42

Atlantis 42 Official Dispatch
Executive Roles Policy

In order to ensure that only the nations we believe reflect us the best are given executive roles, a few requirements have been set in place regarding these nations:

1. Their economy's rating must be Strong or higher.
2. The sum of their Political and Civil Rights ratings must be between 50 and 120.
3. The amount of points they receive from their badges must be at least 5. Points are not an official part of NationStates and are just calculated by us in Atlantis 42. Points are calculated in the following manner:
3a. 1.5 point for each Top 10% badge.
3b. 2.5 points for each Top 5% badge.
3c. 4 points for each Top 1% badge.
3d. 1 point for Author badge.
4. Their economic output (GDP) must be at least 300 billion monetary units.
5. Their population must be at least 10 million residents.
6. The number of crimes experienced per hour must be less than 5.

Failure to meet even one of these criteria will result in immediate expulsion from the executive role. However, in certain cases, exceptions may be made.


Two amendments have been made to this. What you see above is the updated policy. For details on the amendments, visit the Atlantis 42 message board.

The Empire of Hawk Scol Laske