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The Grey Wardens - A Menu Full Of Flavor

An Explosion Of Spice

The Bland Opinion: Defending Is Stagnant AF
The Spicy Opinion: Defending's An Explosion Of Flavor RN

Sorry. We're back. Did you miss us? We didn't really miss NS, because it's honestly such a snooze, but we heard the flavors were getting bland. At first we figured it couldn't be that bad, but then we heard that OnderKelkia considers salt and black pepper to be a "spicy" combination, and that TBH Commanders eat their steak well-done, and we could not stand by such culinary war crimes. The jackets went on, the knives were sharpened, and the Wardens jumped into the kitchen to present a massive explosion of flavorful content. Sous Chefs Hired Contractor and Sir Merlin more or less carried the kitchen, developing a tasteful yet explosive menu that bursts with an assortment of different colors and flavors from regions all over.


The appetizer for this meal was a nice, refreshing thai-inspired shrimp salad with spicy cashew dressing. Full of with plenty of clean and vibrant flavors, almost as clean as regions across Nationstates are starting to look through the extensive detag efforts that have been deployed in the last weeks, it's the perfect start to a dinner after a long summer day of cleaning up messes. Over the last two weeks, over one hundred regions have been detagged via the efforts of Wardens and Friends. All natives have been delivered one of these refreshing salads as well, courtesy of Grey Warden Catering LLC. If this salads looks good to you and you want to try it out, feel free to head on over to this Linklink, because we don't have the time or budget to actually create these recipes from scratch. Once you're done eating that refreshing dish though, and have a couple drinks, let's move on to the main course meal with a lot of South-East Asian inspiration as well.

Main Course

Our main course commemorates a masterful defense of the Philippines. On the night of June 29th, The Black Hawks attempted to soar into the Philippines, likely to subjugate it with their unseasoned food and affinity for anime. Fortunately, five brave Wardens were hosting a cook-out over there for themselves and many of their allies, resulting in a dominant eviction notice for The Black Hawk arrivals. What they were cooking at the time is a Filipino take on a standard grilled chicken known as Chicken Inasal, but with all the flavor and spice that a versatile meat like chicken really needs and deserves. This isn't your average chicken, man. Marinated in a blend of spices and grilled, one of the keys to the dish is the continued basting of the bird throughout the cooking process which really helps create a more complex flavor. Served with rice and some sinamak, it makes for a flavorful main course dish, bursting with vibrancy in every bite. If you want to make your own Chicken Inasal, you can find a recipe for it Linkover here. However, no three-course meal is complete without a splendid dessert, and we've got something a little spicy planned for it to end with.


Following their failure in Philippines, TBH and Pals decided to pass up good eating for a casual drive-thru restaurant known as Anontia. Much like a drive-thru, this region is consistently visited but never all too often stopped in, being a regular tag target. It's definitely a dollar menu kind of place, with bland food and nothing too much to write home about. However, the chase was on, so a mass array of flavors had to assemble to force the Black Hawks to not settle in for such worthless food. A coalition of regions and individuals, including seven Grey Wardens, came together across numerous siege attempts and an eventually successful liberation to force these birds back to their nest.

To commemorate the victory, we're staying in South-East Asia with an indonesian dish known as Rujak Buah. It is effectively a fruit salad, but it carries a bit of a twist and a good bit of spice. Composed of a flavorful assortment of ingredients such as mango, cucumber, pineapple, and cashews, the key to this is the sauce. A mix of tamarind, salt, chili, and fish sauce, the resulting sauce is a delightful mix of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors all woven together. While there are many variations of fruit that you can find online for this recipe, it is ultimately just diced fruit with a phenomenal sauce on top. It's the perfect mix of spices and sweetness to round out a splendid victory over your bland-seasoned neighbors. Find a link to one recipe Linkhere!

Participating In The Defense of Philippines and the Liberation of Anontia are the following Wardens as well as contributing regions and individuals. Thanks go out to all who participated, some of whom had larger turnouts than the Wardens did. You're all true flavor-loving rockstar and we look forward to working with all of you guys again, whenever those opportunities may become available. Seriously, it's good to see some life in R/D again.


First Warden Vincent Drake
High Constable Deadeye Jack
Chamberlain Hired contractor ii
Commander Altmoras
Commander Kingdom of Circle of Magi (Sir Merlin)
Warden Sovreignry
Warden Blight-Bane
Warden United Provinces of Atlantica

Contributing Military Groups And Individuals

The North Pacific Army - The North Pacific
The Rejected Realms Army - The Rejected Realms
The South Pacific Special Forces - The South Pacific
The Ten-Thousand Islands Treaty Organization - 10000 Islands
Ian Fleming

In War, Victory
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In Death, Sacrifice

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