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[size=105]It's been nearly two years now I've been on NationStates. 

And frankly, I've had the time of my life.

In school, I didn't really have a place, and I resigned myself to computer games. 
I enjoyed the category of "tycoon", where you could build your own empire from the ground up. 
My search then led me to NationStates, and I was [i]hooked[/i].
In the couple years I've been on, I've met many people who I've come to enjoy the company of, and many people who I wish all the best to. 
I've grown, matured, learned, and laughed with all of you. I treasure these moments I've spent on the RMB, what with [nation]Auphelia[/nation]'s rambunctious persona or [nation]Volaworand[/nation]'s creativity. 
Elections, roleplays, and positions have come and went. 
I've been a Local Councillor, I've roleplayed many times with the hardworking and dedicated nations of [nation]Volaworand[/nation], [nation]North Prarie[/nation], [nation]United Europe-Eurasia[/nation], and many others I may have forgotten to mention. 
To all my compatriates in [region]the South Pacific[/region], I have enjoyed your amazing creativity, companionship, and dedication to this fun game. 

And I still have no idea how you put up with my old, younger, and less endearing self when I first started. 

Never have I thought I could spend so much time on one single thing, completely dedicated and focused, and having [i]fun[/i].
NationStates has opened a couple of doorways for me, and I appreciate every positive thing that has come to me from this game. 

But times change, along with interests, hobbies, and my available time and energy. 

It's been a bit of a hard decision, but I knew it was going to come eventually. 

It's time to move on. 

Yes, I am [i]kinda[/i] leaving NationStates, but not in a "let it CTE" kind of fashion. I'm thinking of keeping my account alive for some time into the future, as a memoir of my pleasant memories here on this website and its forums, though I am leaving the game in some capacity. 
I will stay on the game for a couple of days to wrap some things up in a nice bow and gift wrapping. 

I resent coming to this moment and I'm actually getting a bit emotional (and over a browser game no less) but I think it is for the best. 

I will miss you all.
Thank you for everything.
I got SPIT's for everyone![/size]

Edit: I'm keeping my account alive, so I'm not necessarily CTE'ing and leaving the game forever into the future. Maybe I'll peek around this website, maybe I'll even return at some point; you can't tell the future. 
But until then...yes, this is still a goodbye.

The Midaic Republic of Midand