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Voltarian Gazette Issue I

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[size=200][b][colour=FFCC00]The Voltarian Gazette
[i]Welcome to Volt![/i][/colour][/b][/size]

[b][centre][color=goldenrod][size=120]The Voltarian Gazette will be distributed monthly, containing changes to the government, roleplay, and more. Keep reading to see what's been happening![/size][/color][/b]

[/centre][u][b][size=150][color=goldenrod]The Great Volt War[/color][/size][/b][/u]
This week we have had the fortune (or misfortune) of experiencing a whole myriad of events in the world of [region]Voltarium[/region]. 
Dominating this week's RP was “The Great Volt War” as it has come to be known.
The war started (at least according to some sources) when the nation of [nation]Indopersia[/nation] began an invasion of the [nation]FreeSlavicPeoples[/nation]. This action spurred [nation]Spaldania[/nation] to defend the FSP (due to a trade alliance). Shortly after the beginning of the war, [nation]Spaldania[/nation] called for assistance from her allies when this assistance was not granted to as large of an extent as [nation]Spaldania[/nation] wanted, Spaldania cut its losses with the Sakura Alliance and joined the Pact of Todias.

The first part of the Great Volt War ended after the Indopersians capitulated to [nation]Kemonomica[/nation]. This was to the great annoyance of many other participating countries, as [nation]Kemonomica[/nation] joined the war later than some, and arguably did less for the war effort.
The second (and hopefully final) half of the war began when modernised Spaldanian forces marched into Indopersian territory, swiftly taking many towns. Shortly after, the rest of the Pact of Todias joined the war on the Spaldanian side.
Indopersia, under the protection of the Sakura alliance quickly responded, with both Indopersian and Sakura alliance troops attempting to halt the Pacts advances.
A couple of months and many casualties later the Pact of Todias had completely surrounded the Indopersian capital, the issue was, Indopersia refused to capitulate, and the Pact forces refused to advance outwards and attack the Sakura Alliance, this was problematic for the Pact, since it meant that all they could do was carry on the siege of [nation]Indopersia[/nation], whilst the Sakura Alliance slowly whittled away at their defences.
Eventually, it became clear that a white peace would be the only solution to the war, since the Sakura Alliance refused to give up, and, even if they managed to push Spaldanian forces back, only more destruction would lie in wait for them.

This has been the largest war in the entire history of [region]Voltarium[/region], this four-month, or eight-day, war contained eight combatant nations, primarily being the Pact of Todias VS the Sakura Alliance. There was however no victor, as a white peace was decided upon, entitled; The Treaty of Katiko.
After the signing of the treaty, borders have resumed their prior positions.

[centre][u][b][size=150][color=goldenrod]New Arrivals in Volt[/color][/size][/b][/u]
This week we have seen the return of a few old members!
We are pleased to welcome back:


[u][b][size=150][color=goldenrod]Ministry Changes[/color][/size][/b][/u]
[nation]Vamperiall[/nation] has shuffled the ministries around, creating the Tribune and Roleplay council.

[nation]Spaldania[/nation] - Has been reassigned to Internal Affairs
[nation]Woryand Voltarium[/nation]- Has been reassigned to Defence 
[nation]Zghona[/nation] -Has been reassigned to Foreign Affairs
[nation]Geo Corans[/nation] -Has been reassigned to Head Senator
[nation]Kemonomica[/nation] -Has been reassigned to Head Roleplay Councillor

Your glorious and righteous Emperor [nation]Vamperiall[/nation] Mion-Norfolk is taking a three-week long leave of absence. During these three weeks, [nation]RegiisCarmina[/nation] has been placed in charge, with [nation]Spaldania[/nation] being the second in command.

[u][b][size=150][color=goldenrod]WA Nation count[/color][/size][/b][/u]
17 nations are currently a part of the World Assembly, keep up the good work and remember to endorse [nation]RegiisCarmina[/nation]!

[u][b][size=150][color=goldenrod]Nations not endorsing [nation]RegiisCarmina[/nation][/color][/size][/b][/u]
[nation]logantium[/nation], [nation]the_green_nation[/nation], [nation]holy_empire_of_democrats[/nation], [nation]wulffstania[/nation], [nation]upper_teyrn_andh[/nation], [nation]the_great_eastern_expanse[/nation][/centre]

[background-block=black][size=150][b][color=#FFCC00]That's all for this month! If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to telegram [nation]Vamperiall[/nation] or [nation]Spaldania[/nation].[/color][/b][/size][/background-block]

[i]Written by [nation]Spaldania[/nation] and [nation]Vamperiall[/nation][/i]