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Arctic Empire

Arctic Empire


Motto: Unteilbar und Untrennbar!

Population: 90 million
Density: 355 people per square kilometer

Capital: Athenos
Largest City: Leon

National Languages: Leonian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Demonym: Arctinian

Highest Point: 5 578 meters above sea level
Lowest Point: 0 meters above sea level

GDP (nominal): 920 billion Black Luvs (4.6 trillion US Dollars)
GDP (nominal) per capita: 15 thousand Black Luvs (75 thousand US Dollars)

Human Development Index : 0.8

Currency: Black Luv

Time Zone: +3, +4

Drives on the: Right

Arctic Empire

The Arctic Empire is a constitutional elective monarchy in North Osea. It borders Minuda and Tommatito in the west and the Arctic Ocean on all sides except the east. The island next to South Osea is shared by both the Arctic Empire and Lapathiya. The Empire has an estimated population of 90 million.


The name of the country comes from the place it is situated in and the title of the nation.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of the Arctic Empire is as an "Arctinian."


The Arctic Empire is a union of two different but close nations- Tsardom of Leonlandia and Libertandonien. The northern part, Tsardom of Leonlandia, is famous for its prosperity, technological advancement, civil rights, diversity and monarchy. The southern part, Libertandonien, is famous for its diplomacy and kindness. After having a long history of good relations between each other and being neighbors for a long time, they have decided to merge into the Arctic Empire.


The land is mostly mountainous, having only a few plains where most cities are situated. The highest point is mount ''Nebe'', in the north part of the empire, which is 5 578 meters above sea level. The Arctic coast is the lowest point in the empire, 0 meters above sea level. The nation is filled with rivers, the longest one being ''Sapphire'' which connects the southern and northern sea. There is an abundance of glaciers, geysers and volcanoes, the most powerful being ''Ogneno gurlo''.

The climate in the south and north-west is unusually warm for this region. This can be explained by the warm ocean currents going near the southern and western coast. Most cities are settled either near the volcanoes and geysers or on the southern and western coast. The cities are even warmer thanks to the cheap geothermal energy used to warm every part of the cities. The north-eastern part, on the other hand, is typically cold thanks to the northern cold ocean current. The cities there are only situated near geysers and volcanoes.

The empire's eco-system is a complex one. The north-west has very mixed flora and fauna because of the previous, successful terraformation effort. Both local and foreign species thrive there. The south is mostly preserved and it contains species evolved to live in cool climates. The north-east is completely preserved and contains cold-loving species. Vey famous Arctic species are the arctic fox, the various types of penguins, the polar bear and the arctic bunny.



The empire's population is heterogeneous. While the south is inhabited by mostly Scandinavian people, the north is filled with all types of people, ethnics and races. The average number of children per woman is 2.


The Arctic Empire has a diverse set of languages. The most spoken ones are Leonian in the north and Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish in the south.


The Empire is a secular country, possessing multiple different religions. The most popular religion in the northern part of the Arctic is ''The Great Lion'', which also originates from there.

Largest Cities



Metro area population



8.7 million



7.4 million



6.8 million



4.9 million



4.1 million



3.5 million



2.2 million



1.5 million



1.2 million


The Arctic Empire is a constitutional elective monarchy with an emperor or empress as a head of state, and a Parliament. The people hold the most amount of power, being able to change laws, the Parliament, the monarch and the constitution through referendums. People who have reached the age of 16 can vote. The political system has three branchesólegislative, executive and judicial. The Empire has a multi-party system.

Military and diplomacy

The imperial military is highly disciplined, modernized and motorized. The Empire has 450 thousand professional soldiers.

The union is in the process of re-establishing diplomatic relations. It's part of the OSEAN.


The Arctic Empire is a modernized, industrial nation, having a highly developed free-market economy, with the private sector contributing almost 100% of the GDP. The nation has a flat tax rate of 5%. The GDP is rising due to the recent positive events. The official currency is the Black Luv (1 Black Luv = 5 US Dollars). The nation has a debt of 50 billion Black Luvs (250 billion US Dollars). The Empire exports Automobiles, Commercial Airplanes, Commercial Ships, Steam Power, Sulfur, Chemical Products and New Technologies.


The Arctic Empire is a multi-cultural state, having all sorts of cultures from all around the world. Centers of culture seem to be the cities. The most notable culture is Finno-Hungarian, which is most prominent in the south.


The north-west Arctic is the most developed part of the empire. The region enjoys one of the world's best infrastructure. Urbanization and industrialization in this part are very high. The southern part of the empire enjoys good quality infrastructure and high rates of urbanization and industrialization. The north-east, on the other hand, is the poorest region in the nation, only recently joining the Arctic after its previous country collapsed. The infrastructure there is very poor and most people live in small villages near warm places, mainly volcanoes and geysers.

The Empire is powered sorely from eco-friendly energy such as geothermal energy, wind energy, hydro-electric energy and solar energy.

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