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About U.P.N Army

If you are new to our region you should have noticed that we have an army officer as well, we'll explain a bit about that.

1-Does the U.P.N have an army?

Yes, we have an army, currently it is not in use but it can be useful in case of invasion in our region or in our affiliated regions.
However, we have seen many initiatives for the defense and maintenance of peace.
At the moment, whoever governs our army is Raveskadia

2-Has it ever been used?

Not yet, but we can say that it is ready for use.
We have a limited mandate on defense, so the army can only be used in case of invasion, threat and war.

3-how to be part?

Well, upon entering our region, you will be in accordance with our conditions.
The U.P.N army is formed, simply, by the army of each nation, without exception.
But you must have control over your armed forces, they are a division of our army.

4-Does the officer have power over my military?

As I said before, the army can only be used in invasion cases.
Do not worry about it, you will continue to have control over it.
The officer only commands the army when it is in use, ie in invasions the officer will be who will lead the army as a general, but for him to use his division he will have to ask permission.