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Financial System

Currency: RUNIC
Starting balance of every nation: 1,000 RUNICs
Things to buy-

There are 8 industries you can buy Units from
- Auto Indsutry
- Nuclear
- Gun Makers
- Textiles
- Agriculture
- Tech Indsutry
- Dairy

Every industry has a fixed flat beginning rate you could begin with every month. You purchase one unit of an industry and sit back and watch how it does in the weekly market report. For example if Dow buys stock in dairy and it goes up to 20% he could make a massive profit. You can also sell your stock by posting in the message board your price. It will be haggled with for a while before you sell it. All the beginning weekly income rates and flat purchase fees are posted in the above image. You can also engage in mutual trade with other nations. Say Keenan to much guns and I have to much nuclear we could trade and even out the balance. You also will be making money in the Olympics.

The germanic land