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Recognition of the Imperiums authority over Vrama

Whereas Germany has recognized the sovereignty of Imperium Anglorum and the Imperial Parliament's suzerainty over the Dominion of Vrama

And whereas the Imperial Parliament has taken it upon themselves to administer the Dominion as a crown colony

And whereas Anglican troops have liberate the whole of Vrama's territory from the oppressive government that formerly controlled it, and hold their dictatorial Madi and his government at Newgate

And whereas the people of Vrama have welcomed their new monarch, Queen-Empress Elena II as Empress of Vrama, Cambigta, and Telemachia

And whereas the Durbar on the 19th day of July 1919 (2019 in Germany's calendar) has recognised her lawful and sovereignty authority

And whereas Her Imperial Majesty has issued a proclamation to the princes, chiefs, and people of Vrama her choice of a Governor-General

The Constitutional Republic of Germany recognizes and supports the suzerainty, dominion, sovereignty, and total authority over the land of Vrama as determined by right of law and conquest.