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by The Acissan Imperial State of Acitsusima. . 3 reads.


(In a futuristic science-fantasy context)

(also consult IOS factbook)

Empire of Rova
- a summary -

Empire of Rova (Mandarin 羅華帝国 Luhu Dgu, Gannayomi 全羅帝国 Rowa Deigo)
- uwu

Province (Vietnamese Tỉnh)
- ?
Important Figures

Emperor (Vietnamese 統領 Thống Lnh) [Thống Lĩnh]
- ?

Emperor Emeritus (Vietnamese 太上統領 Thi Thượng Thống Lnh) [Thi Thượng Thống Lĩnh]
- Previous ruler, put in the role of an advisor.

Prime Minister (Vietnamese 宰相 Tể tướng)
- The Prime Minister.

Cabinet of Ministers (Vietnamese 尚書庁 Thượng Thư Sảnh)

    Ministry of Central Affairs (Vietnamese 部役中 Bộ Việc trong) [Dịch trung]
    Ministry of Education (Vietnamese 部餒教 Bộ Nui dạy) [Nỗi gio]
      culture, education (including the state university and the national examination system), magic, science, sports and technology
    Ministry of Ceremonies (Vietnamese 部儀礼 Bộ Ngh lạy) [Nghi lễ]
      peerage, religion (tending towards spirits and marking out followers of Camminus Mali) and foreign affairs
    Ministry of Popular Affairs (Vietnamese 部民事 Bộ Dn sự) [Dn sự]
      communication, infrastructure, policing, politics, tourism, transportation, and generally all matters related to the people - their welfare and healthcare included
    Ministry of Defense (Vietnamese 部国防 Bộ Quốc phng) [Quốc phng]
      administration of the VSD
    Ministry of Justice (Vietnamese 部司法 Bộ Ty php) [Tư php]
      law enforcement (note: though somewhat overlapping with policing, said function is not included), and the judicial system
    Ministry of Economy (Vietnamese 部庫吝 Bộ Kho lớn) [Khố lận]
      economic activities - commerce, finance, fiscal policies (e.g. exchange rate), trade, etc.
    Ministry of the Imperial Household (Vietnamese 部中宮 Bộ Trong cung) [Trung cung]

Censorate (Vietnamese 御史台 Ngự Sử Đi)
- Aciranese branch of the IOS Curatory.

Ensu Imperial University (Mandarin 文寺国子監 Wns Guzǐjin, Gannayomi 文寺国子監 Ensu Gozujan)
- Most prestigious university of Kuven.

National Police Agency (Mandarin 警政署 Jǐngzhngshǔ, Gannayomi 警政署 Jinzenshu)
- Central police body of Aciran, one of the bodies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Popular Affairs.

Rovan Imperial Armed Forces (Mandarin 羅華国軍 Luhu Gujūn, Gannayomi 羅華国軍 Rowa Gojun)

    Army (Vietnamese 陸軍越藍 Lục qun Việt Lam)
    Navy (Vietnamese 水軍越藍 Thuỷ qun Việt Lam)
    Air Force (Vietnamese 空軍越藍 Khng qun Việt Lam)
    Space Force (Vietnamese 宇軍越藍 Vũ qun Việt Lam)
    Cyberspace Force (Vietnamese 網軍越藍 Mạng qun Việt Lam)
    Special Operations Force (Vietnamese 特軍越藍 Đặc qun Việt Lam)

Supreme Court (Mandarin 最高法院 Zugāo Fǎyun, Gannayomi 最高法院 Zuigō Haen)
- Supreme judicial body.

Tsunanii Shokai - Eturan Branch (Vietnamese 維新商会・支梗越藍 Duy Tn Thương Hội - Chi nhnh Việt Lam)
- Aciranese branch of the Tsunanii Shokai.
Antagonistic Forces

Camminus Mali (Vietnamese 邪道 T Đạo)
- [Refer to IOS factbook.]

"One True God" (Vietnamese 「一真羅」 "Nhất Chn La") or "One True Lord" (Vietnamese 「一真主」 "Nhất Chn Chủ")
- [Refer to IOS factbook.]