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Polis’ of the Federation

The Federation is made up of 10 Polis’ (city states):

Concorde (Capital) is the central city of the Federation. It is the economic and legislative capital.

Lakon (Lay-Kon) is the largest city in the Federation. Sitting at sea level, it is home to the Lakon-Kuat Drive and Shipyard with the Naval Shipyard neighboring across the harbor. Multiple times a day naval vessels are seen entering and leaving along with merchant vessels conducting international commerce.

Archaia-Olympus is the warrior Polis. They led a war that united the Polis’ under one banner

The Boneyard is the most eastern Polis. It is the murder capital reaching more than 100 killings per year on average. Authorities in The Boneyard do not solve cases that go cold due to the safety of further investigation.

Lexington is an industrial super city, home to the Federations largest manufacturing corporations. The firearms industry dominates Lexington producing an estimated billions of rounds of ammunition each year for government and commercial use. Auto and computer manufacturers also produce their product domestically in Lexington.

Chark Badlands is the Mountain Polis. Made up of nearly impassible mountains, it holds some of the highest peaks in the Federation.

Two-Sun Desert is the barren and dry wasteland Polis. Being the least populated Polis in the Federation it is generally assumed that everyone you encounter is packing heat.

Bedminster is the home of millionaires and country clubs. Residents of this Polis are generally seen playing rounds of golf while trading stocks on their phone.

The Lower Territories is the southernmost Polis. It is the only piece of land that Archaia-Olympus was able to annex before the Polis’ were united under the Federation. With the exception of small towns that send representatives to a local legislature, most of the Lower Territories are home to isolated tribes who are granted endangered status and are left alone by the government.

Macedon Commonwealth was conquered by Archaia-Olympus centuries ago. It has been debated if Macedon is ethnically apart of the Federation but legally they are a Polis.

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