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Friedrich Falls

Friedrich Falls is a large waterfall located in Northern Balaravia in the Province of Smuttsberg near the city of Vriedricksheim. The water fall is the worlds highest with a width of 3.7 Kilometers and a height of 308 meters more than twice the size of the famous Victoria falls. The Waterfall was first discovered by the native Umdaniso who had moved south from Central Africa between 50 and 51 thousand years ago. The Umdaniso people referred to the Waterfall as Ufati Omimawi (The life giver) and developed their own religion based on worship of the waterfall. The Waterfall was first discovered by Europeans in 1845 by a German search party trying to find lost cattle. The Europeans refereed to the river as Der große Lebensspender (The Great Life giver) but it would only officially be known as Friedrich Falls by the Balarav Colonial government.

The Waterfall is found on the badee nadee river which flows through Balaravia and the southern part of neighboring Memetopia. For a considerable distance upstream from the falls, the badee nadee flows over a level sheet of basalt, in a shallow valley, bounded by low and distant sandstone hills. The river's course is dotted with numerous tree-covered islands, which increase in number as the river approaches the falls. There are no mountains, escarpments, or deep valleys only a flat plateau extending hundreds of kilometres in all directions.

The Waterfall attracts millions of tourists a year and is a great asset to the Balaravian tourist industry. Last year the Waterfall brought 4.3 Million people to Balaravia and created 8 thousand jobs servicing the needs of the tourists. Friedrich Falls has brung one trillion seven hundred eighty-four billion seven hundred million Tireifs (5 Trillion dollars) to the country ever since 2010 and has greatly helped the governments efforts to fund its nationalized healthcare and education (Health care nationalized in 1974 and Education in 1975)

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