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War on Islodistan

The Prime Minister has decided to declare war on the Independent Islamic Army for its attempts to overthrow the Democracy of several allied nations, and Barbados - Great allies of ours are currently being attacked by an evil force which is hungry for power and lands.

Barbados will not take that easily neither will the Organization of World Cooperation and Development, this is about the people who are being harmed because of such a reckless action came from such an organisation which had no affiliation of Barbados, who never expected such disgraceful actions coming from them.

I am saddened to be the one to inform you about the Declaration of War, we are defending the innocent citizens as in my judgement they are the jewelry of our nation, a nation which stands for the people of Barbados.

Now may God bless us all. May He defend the right. It is the evil things that we shall be fighting against - brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution - and against them I am certain that the right will prevail

Let it be done,
Tamazi Kazbegi
The Honourable Tamazi Kazbegi
Prime Minister of Barbados


Operation Sandstorm
Status: Finished
-Enter Islodistan borders
-Take nearby IIA occupied villages for safezones
-Assist civilians in fleeing hostile territory

Operation Safe District
Status: Finished
-Establish temporary bases and safezones in hostile territory
-Clear nearby IIA bases to prevent sudden attack
-Evacuate rescued civilians to Lanhran for registration

Operation Peak
Status: Finished

-Demolish terrorists and their organizations in Southern Islodistan

-Retake oil drilling facilities in Islodistan (failed)

-Evacuate rescued civilians to Lanhran for registration

Operation Dolphin
Status: Ongoing

-Secure Northern Andaman Islands

-Set up defense lines

-Build airfields for sorties

-Settle civilians

Location of Chokosue bases

Location of IIA camps and bases


Invasion of Meranopirus

Total forces:

Troops: 311,194
7 Armoured Divisions
10 Mechanized Infantry Divisions
2 Infantry Division
2 Cavalry Divisions
1 Mountain Divisions
2 Airborne Divisions
3 Special Forces Brigades

Landing Craft


Landing Craft (Small Vehicles/Infantry)


TCHL-A2 Heavy Landing Craft


AAAV (Amphibious Tank)


Ground Drones






Personnel Carriers


Prime movers and trucks




Oshkosh M-ATV (MRAP)






Armoured Personnel Carriers


Stryker APC




D-348 Amphibious APC


Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Bradley Fighting Vehicle




Combat Support Vehicles


D9 Armored Bulldozer


M88A2 Hercules


M1074 Joint Assault Bridge




BH-04 (Heavy)


B-13 Rowan






155 mm gun-howitzer


105 mm M101A1 howitzer


L131 Self propelled artillery


M109A8 Paladin Self propelled artillery


M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System


Ground Attack Aircraft


A-10C Thunderbolt III


Air Drones


Puma AE


B-4 DS (Drone Swarm)


Anti-Aircraft Guns


2K22 Tunguska


Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (iron dome)


BA-19 Tamazi


4 Fleets

Ship Type





Admiral Gorshkov Class Frigates





Hunter Class Destroyers





Reaper Class Battle Cruisers





Ticonderoga Cruisers





Vigil Class Amphibious Assault Ship





Super Carriers





Striker Class Nuclear Attack Submarines





Night Class Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines





Runner Class Nuclear Stealth Submarines





920 Helicopters
420 Transport Helicopters
865 Attack Helicopters
45 Fighter Jet Squadrons (20 per Squadron)
9 Stealth Jet Squadrons (18 per Squadron)
20 Gunships
70 Bombers
80 Transport Aircraft
8 Reconnaissance Aircraft
30 Refuelling Tankers
167 Drones



UH-60 Black Hawk


AH-64 Apache


AH-1Z Viper


MH-6/AH-6 Little Bird


CH-47 Chinook


UH-72 Lakota


V22 Osprey




Typhoon FGR10


F-16 Fighting Falcon


F/A-18F Super Hornet


F22 Raptor


F-35 Lightning III


EA-18G (Electronic Warfare)




AC-130 Stinger II, Ghost Rider, Spooky II




B-1B Lancer


B-52 Stratofortress


B-2A Spirit


Transport Aircraft


C-5M Super Galaxy


C-17 Globemaster III


Reconnaissance Aircraft


P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft


Refueling Tanker


Boeing KC-155 Stratotanker




MQ-9B Reaper


General Atomics Avenger ER


RQ-4 Global Hawk


Operation Sandstorm Logs

30th July, 2019

All equipment and personnel are already transported, and 20 B-52 Stratofortresses will area bomb the Islodistan borders + nearby outposts. Military intelligence say IIA has no jets and anti-air guns, which means all air operations will not be disrupted by enemy forces. 40 Typhoon FGR10s and 2 Global Hawk drones will be tasked for scouting and asistance.

(Note that 14 bombers are on radio frequencies with Arodin Royal Base while 6 are with Kartend Royal Base.)

Bomber 12 in Fortress 2
"Fortress 2-5, rolling onto target area with potential militia outposts. Over."

Bajan command post at Arodin Royal Base, Chokoku
"Roger. You have ground element, callsign Terror-1. Fortress 1 and Fortress 2 come in for JDAM drop. Typhoon squadron 1, mark the other outposts, make sure Fortress 1 and 2 gets a good track on their radar.”

Fortress 2-5
“Engaging Terror 1 with Striker 1-4.”

The two B-52s fly over Terror-1, and drop the JDAMs, annihilating the camp below.

Fortress 2-5
“Good hit, Terror 1 vapourized.”

Bajan Arodin command post
“Copy. Typhoon 1 we have eyes on fuel trucks crossing the tarmac, looks like they are heading for the convoys, how copy?”

Typhoon 1-1
“Roger that, rolling in, stand by.”

Typhoon 1-1 and 1-3 shoots the fuel truck with their mounted cannons, turning the vehicles to a moving fireball. Typhoon 1-4 and the rest fire their cannons at the convoy, turning the cars into swiss cheese, and battering the few IIA groups standing nearby.

Typhoon 1-1
“Fuel truck and convoy is destroyed, over.”

Bajan Arodin command post
“Fortress 1, 2 and Typhoon 1, 2 you are cleared to engage other marked targets, refrence to radar, out.”

By the end of the day, the IIA borders near Arodin and Kartend were bombed to ruins, with the same happening to 25 IIA camps/ forts and 4 bases.

Bombed areas marked with red

After the mass area bombings of the borders and nearby IIA settlements executed by B-52s, land units began to enter Islodistan borders to secure it.

D9 armoured bulldozers are seen to be opening temporary roads and bases as 1,382 B12-01s, 2,573 B-12 Rowans enter borders and form at borders. Convoys of vehicles begin to enter Islodistan territory for setting up bases and settling down.

Artillery is seen lining up along the border and AH-6s are seen patrolling from the skies for scouting in case any IIA attacks occur.

An estimated of 42,000 civilians flock to borders for registration and searches, with an extra 6 million lining up at the Samarkand border since the last Chokosue army assault. They will be transported to Chokoku Lanhran for Chokosue citizenship registration. The borders are to be kept open and secured until Bajan forces leave the territory.

Pictures of the bombing aftermath



IIA Helicopter bombed

IIA Helicopter bombed

IIA car bombed

3 IIA tanks bombed

1st August, 2019

As 2 million civilians crowd at the borders between Islodistan and Chokoku in sunrise, accompanied by Bajan forces, a helicopter buzz was heard.

Samarkand border Bajan ATC
"Be advised, unidentified rotor aircraft inbound. Object callsign is Viper-1, attempting contact with it."

ATC tries to establish radio contact with the helicopter, but no response was received.

ATC to Viper-1
"This is your last warning, leave this airspace or you will be shot do-"

As Viper-1 realises it's been spotted, it begins to open fire on the border aimlessly, killing a few civilians in the process.

"Viper-1 is opening fire on civilians, anti-air you are clear to fire at will."

As the helicopter shoots a missile at a building, not knowing they've been evacuated, a 2K22 Tunguska positions to fire a SAM (Surface to Air Missile), hitting the helicopter at it's body.

Tunguska crew commander
"Direct hit, Viper-1 is trying to land on top of a building."

Tunguska gunner
"Target is 453 meters from us, engaging with gunfire!"

The helicopter is then hit with a rain of 30mm bullets, as the Tunguska fires at a 5000 RPM speed, it loses control as it tries to use up all the ammo by shooting randomly, at last crashing into the sand.

By 7 a.m., 10 oshkosh M-ATVs carrying Bajan soldiers went to inspect the crash site.

Soldier 1
"Hey... Is that the Anarchist insignia on the fuselage?"

Squad commander
"Looks like we got the answer of who these are."

Crash Site

3rd August, 2019

Illegal weaponry trafficking semi-submersible seized in open seas between Chokoku and Barbados
Bajan Ministry of Defence released a statement regarding a semi-submersible that was trafficking Kalashnikov rifles and Marijuana to Chokoku. It is believed that it was to be transported to Islodistan from the Anarchists. The vessel's propeller system was shot out by a Hunter class destroyer and everyone inside was detained and taken into custody by Bajan Navy, and the vessel is now held in an undisclosed location.

7 civilians rescued from IIA convoy
Yesterday midnight, a convoy of IIA technicals were found to be traversing near the borders, which led to an assault led by the 4th Bajan Special Forces, MACO detachment Alpha 2nd squad. 1 civilian was hit by crossfire from IIA and is currently treated in Kartend Royal Base military hospital, no Bajan soldiers were injured.

Operation Safe District Logs

4th August, 2019

As Global Hawk drone intelligence show that one of the IIA militia leaders, Ghazi Tusvahn, is living in a town called Shimr. An armoured company and a mechanized infantry company is tasked to take the town as well as capturing him.

Command Center callsign Anvil
"This is Anvil, we are mission launch for objective "Shimr", advance and report. Over."

Tank unit callsign Badger 6-6
"Copy Anvil actual, advancing to LOD and report, out."

The formation of vehicles travel across the sand, with parts of the town already set ablaze by the terrorists.

Command Center
"All callsigns, this is Anvil actual. Scouts report IIA tanks ahead, this is one of the reasons of why we're here."

A tank shell hits the ground next to Badger 6-6.

Badger 6-6 to radio comms
"Identifying multiple tanks, they are closing in fast!"

Command Center
"All Anvil victors maintain advance, scan and victor."

Driver in Badger 6-6
"Terrorists are terrorists, can't aim at shi-"

A tank shell hits the reactive armour of Badger 6-6, causing no damage at all.

"Well that scared the heck outta me."

Badger 6-6 returns fire, destroying the tank as other friendly units take out other enemy tanks.

Command Center
"All stations, all enemy armour destroyed in sector, advance一 Disregard my last, disregard my last. Identify tanks, identify tanks to your front. Engage and destroy, how copy?"

Badger 6-6
"This is Badger 6-6, we are taking heat signs from enemy units.. We're taking fire!"

The tank shell hits another plate of reactive armour, causing no damage but the crew starts to worry about it.

Driver of Badger 6-6
"Hull down?"

Gunner of Badger 6-6
"I don't know, switching to thermal vision."

Commander of Badger 6-6
"Gunner, get us the fu ck out of here!"

B-13 Rowan tanks fire depleted uranium ammunition, which is capable of penetrating armour easily. Badger 6-6 fires a round at an IIA T-72 MBT, hitting its ammunition storage, causing it to blow up and burst into flames.

Gunner of Badger 6-6
"Boom assh ole! Two T-72s engaged and destroyed."

Command Center
"This is Anvil, nice work, all enemy armour destroyed, continue with mission."

Badger 6-6
"Good copy, bound up with next checkpoint and report, out."

Command Center
"Top of that ridge, copy."

A load of explosions light up an area ahead of the advancing tanks.

Command Center

Badger 6-6
"They got us zeroed in!"

Command Center
"Incoming incoming, all stations, halt halt halt. Line formation, I say again, line formation, wait for further, out."

Super 1-1 airborne scout
"All Badger elements, this is Super 1, orbiting above you, we are patching in UAV feed."

Badger 6-6 commander
"Patching in MAV feed, MAV is mobile."

The commander sees a howitzer artillery in the other side of the hill.

Badger 6-6
"Super 1-1, that howitzer arty is your primary target, CAS is on station."

Super 1-1
"Roger, standing by for gun-run."

2 A-10C Thunderbolt III fire at the temporary IIA settlement, leaving behind an exploding line of rounds.

Badger 6-6 Commander
"Alright gunner, lase the targets."

The gunner lases the area the howitzer is in.

Super 1-1
"Badger 6-6 we mark your spot, CAS inbound in 5 seconds, standby."

Another A-10 Thunderbolt III fires at the T-72s below, and drops a hail of bombs at the settlement, destroying the howitzer and all the vehicles inside the area.

Super 1-1
"Super 1-1, Warthog 3-3, sortie complete. Several enemy units left behind, Badger actual might have to pick up the ball of this to re-attack enemy positions."

Badger 6-6 Commander
"Driver, move out, full throttle."

The vehicles speed across the sand, reaching the sabotaged makeshift IIA sand fort. The Bajan tanks move in, firing at vehicles and scout towers, engulfing them in flames. IIA terrorists are seen running away in terror, as the ones who decide to return fire with their Kalashnikov rifles have already been torn to pieces by the tank coaxial HMG (Heavy Machine Gun). An IIA M113 APC runs to the front of the tanks, trying to make a last shot with it's TOW missiles. They fire it before the APC was met with tank shells, and the Bajan tank's active protection system intercepts the missile.

Badger 6-6
"Position cleared."

Command Center
"Roger that, push up to highway and continue mission, over."

The tanks advance towards the highway, meeting little resistance during its trip other than 2 escaping T-72s.

Badger 6-6 gunner
"Poor sons-a-bit ches didn't stand a chance."

Badger 6-6 driver
"Anvil we have reached checkpoint highway."

Command Center
"Roger, continue with mission to Shimr, out."

12th August, 2019

Operation Safe District interruption

This afternoon, an estimated of 500,000 IIA militants arrived to the Arodin borders. They launched an assault to nearby Bajan bases and the border itself. 964 IIA tanks were disabled or destroyed during the assault while being confronted by 1,304 B-13 Rowans and 867 B-12-01s. Two Air Force Typhoon FGR10 squadrons were dispatched for precision bombing and reconnaissance, and 12 AC-130 gunships were used for ground attack. Other aircraft such as B-52 Stratofortresses were used for bombing incoming IIA waves.

483 Bajan casualties were estimated, with 42 deaths. An estimated 362,000 IIA KIAs(killed in action) were calculated from bodies found and other intelligence. 200 civilians were estimated to be killed during the assault.

Bajan Armed Forces strongly condemns the barbaric, unjustified actions from terrorists of IIA, and will take revenge for the brave warriors of our country.

15th August, 2019

Battle of Shimr, perspective of Badger 6-6

The B-13 Rowan company traverses through the highway after building a small makeshift base for refuelling and maintenance, they pass by rusted vehicle remains.

Badger 6-6 commander
"C'mon, let's stay focused."

Badger 6-6 driver
"Damn son, look at this sh it. Why aren't we cutting across the desert? This sh it's crazy bro."

Badger 6-6 Commander
"Command told us not to."

Command Center
"You are cleared to objective Shimr. Report when set, out."

The tank company travels on the highway for five minutes or so, and finally enters city limits. They are met with resistance on an overpass.

Badger 6-6 gunner
"There's something up ahead."

Badger 6-6 commander
"What is it?"

Badger 6-6 gunner
"RPGs and MGs... and a civilian convoy.

Badger 6-6 commander
"What the fu ck are they doing there? Someone tell them there's a war going on."

Badger 1-1 commander (Company Command)
"Someone get out there and escort them away so they don't stand on my d ick holding my entire company up."

Four Bradley Fighting Vehicles form up and provide suppressive fire, while a fire team is sent to communicate with the civilians.

"Fu cking demons! Ambushed us, and shot us to sh it before we were ready! Help us... Please... We were looking forward to meet you! Somebody's gotta get us out of here, but it ain't gonna be me."

Bajan Marine, Ysko Nevaadan
"Get behind the cars, we'll extract y'all once we finish them up."

Other civilians pull their injured family members to safety, as the company open fire on the IIA defenders. After the firefight the Bradleys stayed to guard the civilians, as they wait for Chokosue UH-72 Lakotas to transport them back to the base, where they will be registered into a temporary camp and then transported to the Lahnran Border for Chokosue citizenship registration. The others move on.

Command Center
"All units advance on main road. Engage and destroy all enemy forces. Report when near objective, out."

Badger 6-6 Driver
"Alright, driver, advance."

A few more RPG terrorists pop up from their hiding spot

Badger 6-6 Commander
"Gunner, identify RPG troops. Left side."

The commander uses the M153 CROWS II and takes out several of them, while the gunner uses the coaxial HMG and shoots at them until all visible threat is neutralized

Badger 6-6 commander
"We're just a few kicks out, they're not gonna let us walk in."

A white sedan is seen running away, and as the gunner shoots it with the coaxial HMG it explodes

Badger 6-6
"This thing's packed with explosives."

The company moves inside the city firefight after firefight, but the unorganized terrorists are never a match unless they are in huge numbers. They meet a tank in a petrol station but was destroyed since the Commander shot the pumps with the CROWS.

Badger 6-6 driver
"We are coming up on objective Shimr."

Command Center
"Copy you, out."

A V-bed (suicidal bomber car) rushes towards another friendly tank, but is blown up by the coaxial HMG. V-beds start coming one by one

Badger 6-6 commander
"Gunner, identify vehicle in front. Engage. Engage!"

The gunner blows the V-bed up with the HMG

Badger 6-6 commander
"RPG, 10 o'clock to our front on overpass!"

He shoots them down with the CROWS

"Okay, target down. Cease fire! Cease fire! Driver, advance."

"Anvil, this is Badger 6-6, engaged and destroyed V-beds and troops."

Command Center
"All Badger elements, stand by for mission re-orientation, wait out."

Downtown Shimr, Islodistan
Perspective of Sergeant Teimuraz Bokuchava

Command Center
"This is Anvil, new intelligence show that a co-leader is hiding 170 meters southwest. Engage and capture, if unable then kill."

I'd exit my Oshkosh M-ATV, holding my BR-01 Assault Rifle in my hands. I proceed to form up my fire team at the exit, and we put charges on the entrance. I'd trigger it and then my fire team charges in. My fireteam goes into a corridor where there are insurgents on the other side, and I threw a fragmentation grenade, taking down the enemies. After clearing several rooms with no indications of the co-leader, we form up outside of the last room. I hold a microwave grenade in my hands. (The grenade releases microwave that cooks the first layer of skin of anyone in the blast radius, causing intense pain but has no actual harm)

"Three. Two. One. Breach!"

The fire team charges inside, seeing 4 men lying on the ground with one wearing a distinctive clothes from others. It's the co-leader. We tie them up with wires, load them onto our MRAP and take them back to base.

Operation Peak Logs

25th August, 2019

You watch a video about a press conference of the mid-air explosion
Minister of Defence, Terenti Gloveli
"Welcome to the press conference. As you may all know, a mid-air explosion occurred in Franchia (east Taiwan irl), shattering building windows in a 400m blast radius."

"Fortunately, no one was hurt as civilians in a 3 kilometres radius were evacuated. However, the Chokosue Secretary of Transport was kidnapped and taken to Sikkim, an unpopulated region in the Himalayas that only has several villages. Bajan Armed Forces will work with the Chokosue military to rescue her at all costs."

"A commercial airliner, believed to be taken by IIA during the rebellion in former United west chokoku, was used to transport the bomb to the skies of Franchia. Two Bajan Air Force F-22 Raptor squadrons were dispatched to keep an eye on the rogue airliner after Franchia International Airport ATC(air traffic control) was ignored by the terrorists. Scans from aircraft identified a bomb with an exterior similar to the bomb Trinity 0 found in Chokoku, Lahnran. It was codenamed as Trinity 1. The airliner could not be shot down, as there's a city below it and if it ever crashes with Trinity 1, the aftermath will be devastating. Therefore, fighters waited for Trinity 1 to be dropped from the cargo hold and detonated it with a guided missile. The airliner was later shot down when it approached the coastline, and 28 bodies were retrieved from it. The bodies will be buried at the sea later with all islamic burial traditions followed."

He walks away after a Q&A period, preparing for the next Chokoku-Barbad0s emergency conference about rescuing the secretary of transport.

Operation Dolphin Logs

28th August, 2019

Bajan News

Communities across Barbados call for killing the leader of the Independent Islamic Army, after the attempted Trinity One detonation in Franchia, which got detonated by guided missiles mid-air by Bajan Air Force instead. The public fears that IIA will plot another bombing but with a dirty radium warhead, which would lead to the targeted city being inhabitable for a decade or two.

Bajan Navy fleet Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Foxtrot is reported to be undocking some (which is why they don't add up to the amount in factbook)
of their ships, possibly preparing for the invasion of India. The 4 fleets add up to 20 frigates, 48 Hunter destroyers, 6 railgun battle cruisers, 28 Ticonderoga cruisers, 8 Vigil Amphibious Assault Ships, 6 Super Carriers and 60 nuclear submarines of different classes. 150k land force/marine corps personnel will be assaulting 4 beachheads with the navy.

The Bajan Army personnels currently stationed in Islodistan will continue to track down the leader and destruct as many terrorist settlements as possible. In all 200k deoloyed personnel, 100k of them will be sent to Tibet borders to fight for the corridor between Chokoku and Covalence, and the current 100k joining in later after the missions.

Minister of Defence Terenti Gloveli responds to Amaabj's supreme leader Amma's words, asking him to "reconsider decisions" as if he wishes to go to war with any involved nation, it will be a war on all members of OWCD and UCN, and will be the first time the Mutual Defence Treaty to come into effect.

Note: Issue resolved, Amaabj will not interfere in exchange of us not interfering in his invasions of African countries.

132 IIA settlements have either been raided or bombed in the initial month on the declaration of war on Islodistan, and progress is good as all soldiers are professionally trained. Currently, all 1.5 million men in the military are trained to ETVWA national standards, which can face most (UCN calm down XD) militaries without stress.

1st September, 2019

Bajan Navy Fleets exit Strait of Malacca
The four fleets will soon spread out to 4 beaches, the Puducherry beach, with a city behind it ; The Manginapudu beach, with flat and huge farms behind ; The Southern Myanmar coast, where tons of rivers divide the land to lots of sections, hence why the landing will be on the western coast where larger lands exist ; The Andaman Islands, but due to it's archipelago nature, only 1 Super Carrier and Vigil Amphibious Assault Ship strike group with a Reaper Class Battle Cruiser shall be used to attack it.

The Barbados Navy will try it's best to avoid disturbing the North Sentinelese tribes and possibly avoid reaching into a 20 miles distance with the island, so that the vessels are blocked by the horizon. Minister of foreign affairs Madona Sikharulidze say the Andaman Islands and Myanmar will be under Assyrania control after the invasion is successfully executed, as a gift to Assyrania for contributing to astronomical technological development in Barbados.

7th September, 2019

The carrier strike group, with a Vigil Class amphibious assault ship inside, closed in in the northern Andaman Islands waters. Bajan forces will be launching several amphibious assaults to conquer this archipelago, so that airfields may be constructed on it. Having airfields there mean Bajan Forces no longer have to rely on airports in friendly territory, and can engage in sorties quickly while using less fuel at the same time. Leaflet bombs (Literally bombs that spread leaflets everywhere, exists irl) containing leaflets of evacuation notice were given a day prior to the assault, so that civilian casualties may be reduced.

Missiles are sent towards the land, as the Meranopirus IIA backed defenders fire back. Fortunately, the LaWS system on the vessels burned into and detonated most missiles. Four B-2A Spirit stealth bombers had already carpet bombed the area coastal defences are located, leaving bomb craters and bunker ruins in the burning forest.

Approximately 300 AAAV amphibious tanks charge towards the beachhead, as their reactive armour takes the incoming waves of missiles and explosions. Several of them were disabled after reaching the shore, forcing the crew to hide behind the tank until friendly landing crafts arrive.

The Reaper Class battlecruiser is 70 miles from the beachhead, so that it can watch out for any enemy reinforcements and bombard the enemy lines with the HVPs (Hypervelocity Projectile) fired by the four triple-turret railguns at the same time. This way, enemies on the shore will not be able to see the ship with a naked eye, as the ship is stationed beyond the horizon. Unless enemies use a radar, none of them will understand where the bombardments came from.

The landing crafts crash onto the beachheads, as enemy artillery disable the first wave of friendly tanks that are moving rapidly towards inland. Bajan marines are carried inside different APCs as bullets ricochet off the armour of these vehicles. Bajan soldiers are seen on foot after leaving their disabled vehicles, and will take cover behind other vehicles. An artillery shell hits several unlucky soldiers directly, and all is left is some red mist and broken limbs.

The landing forces crawl and jump through each barbed wire on the beachhead, yet some of them still got cut or were blown up by landmines.

However, morale doesn't fall and the landing forces even became more aggressive, as Bajans had a tradition that tend to revenge for the dead. The marines on foot continue moving from cover to cover, as friendly armour stroll swiftly across.

The 13,000 men landing force successfully secure the Kalipur beachhead, with more than 12,850 Bajans left. The enemy lost was estimated as 500, leaving the amount of hostiles on this archipelago at 4,300 approximately.

But this is just the beginning of this conquest on Andaman Islands...

11th September, 2019

After 4 days of fighting IIA guerillas and the siege of Subashgram, an exclusion zone was set up around a 10 km radius of Aerial Bay. An airfield 1km northeast of Kalipur Beach was also captured, and will decrease fuel costs for future air operations, as well as providing a place for plane maintenance.

Civilians were warned not to enter the exclusion zone, and signs were put around the perimeter to prevent civilians accidentally trespassing.

Humanitarian groups accused the Bajan Armed Forces for putting civilians in danger, as civilians had to stay in hostile land. The speaker of the military replied that it was to prevent any IIA militants disguising as civilians to danger any Bajan soldiers.

Around 830 civilians were killed in the initial battle by Bajan airstrikes (32%) and IIA massacres(68%). Barbados authority explained that they could not risk losing any warriors in Subashgram and claimed that they are avoiding as much collateral damage as possible. Subashgram is a large village with a population of approximately 2,605 people plus hundreds of IIA militants.

Civilians will continue their daily lives in temporary camps set up in the exclusion zone , as NGOs and Bajan government transport people to aid in rebuilding Subashgram so that civilians can return to their daily lives once again. Bajan soldiers will patrol the areas and perimeters of the exclusion zone, and curfew is imposed to keep crime rates low, and to prevent civilians from walking into danger.

300 tanks (700 in total) and tons of other vehicles are being transported to Aerial Bay for future operations.

2 Bajan Navy fleets, Bravo and Charlie, will attack the Zijar beaches in Myanmar after their arrival. Although the Gulf of Martaban would be an easier target due to it's geographical nature, the Navy chose Zijar as it's also possible for enemies to surround landing forces and the gulf 180°.

Bajan forces will secure middle Myanmar and push towards the south in the future, and meet with coalition forces in the north.

18th September, 2019

Northern Andaman Island now controlled under Bajan Forces

After a week, 4000 troops and the air force have successfully taken all land in the Northern Andaman Islands, meeting little resistance since there's less IIA militants on the island and are mostly concentrated in the south to prepare for future Bajan advances.

Diseases are spreading across the refugee camp, but is fortunately controlled by Assyranian medical teams stationed there. More medicine, food and water will be airdropped into the Subashgram later today, so that supply stocks in the camp will be filled once again.

The Northern Andaman Islands are mostly forests with little to no settlements in it, and IIA guerilla forces are both outnumbered and outgunned, plus Bajan Forces are familiar with forest terrains due to the nature of the terrain of Philippines (South Barbados)

Supplies and ammo are also airdropped at Lucknow, to replenish supplies there.

Mass shooting in Samavia, Philippines

28 people are killed yesterday in a mass shooting in a mall, including 4 police officers. The Independent Islamic Army claimed responsibility for sending 4 followers armed with rifles.

1 of the militants were caught alive, and will go on court 2 days later. Legal advisors say that he will most likely recieve capital punishment, as according to Bajan laws, anyone who murdered a peace officer or more than 8 people will get the death penalty. (Also the only way to get death penalty)

21st September, 2019

Kalipur Airfield, North Andaman Islands
Coordinates: 13.233325,93.049194
8:00 a.m.

Group Captain Valerian Juansheriani
Good morning folks. Let me brief this. Yesterday, we sent P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircrafts patrolling the defence lines in Middle Andamans. There was no IIA movements as expected as they're probably arming themselves up in the South. We will send drones today to bomb the targeted villages, so that we can slow their process down. We've also received air support requests from Lucknow, any plans?

Wing Commander Hannah Mukhraneli
Yes sir. B-1B Lancer bombers will land in Lucknow later today, with A-10 Lightning III's tomorrow. F-35 Lightnings are ready to mobilize in less than 15 minutes all time, and can reach Lucknow in an hour. If requested, Typhoon FGR10s will also aid in taking air superiority.

Group Captain Valerian Juansheriani
Alright. Also, advances towards the south islands will not commence in the short term, as command ordered us to settle and focus on building defences and restoring social order of the locals. Dismissed.

5th October, 2019

Middle Andaman Islands, road to Ragnat
Coordinates: 12.511511,92.963473
5th October

30 Apache helicopters fly over the forest, right next to the main road where the armoured convoy is moving. 2 armoured companies and one airborne battalion will be taking it before Monday reaches. Prime movers and Chinook helicopters holding CLAW robots are well protected inside the convoy, and will be released once they arrive at Ragnat.

The town is already battered by Bajan air strikes and artillery, with 200 IIA fighters left inside. The largest difficulty Bajans will face is the scattered squads of fighters that lurk inside buildings and alleyways. 2 AC-130 Gunships will provide aerial support along with 10 Apaches.