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How World War 2 played out.

As you can tell in our timeline, World War 2 played out quite differently, to answer some of the most widely asked questions, here is a quick factbook about what happened during World War 2 in our timeline.

Before World War 2 even started, Adolf Hitler attempted to remove the rule of Kaiser Wilhelm Kronenzoren in a bloody civil war but failed, he was executed in Vienna publicly by a firing squad, this resulted in a small number of protests and riots but were quickly broken down when the Austrian Schutzstaffel broke them up, in some cases violently.

World War 2 starts out on the same date, and though the same key nations were in the war, the United States was not. They fought a separate war against Japan known as the "Japan War', and it ended in the crushing defeat of the Japanese Empire. We were known to send the Americans supplies to help them win that war, though we had some conflict with the British Royal Navy in doing so.

When the Soviet Union surrendered, we took caution of removing their communist government and changing it into an absolute monarchy, the old house of Romanov returned to the Russian throne and their new capital became Novosibirsk.

We decided not to take the United Kingdom as part of our land due to the amount of unruliness that was predicted to take place if we did so, Winston Churchill was happy with our Kaiser for sparing his nation, the only condition we made them agree to was the liberation of their colonial territories in Africa and the Raj (India).

There you have it, this is how World War 2 played out in our timeline.

The austratt empire