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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Here you can find out how to get an embassy request approved and how to get in contact with the current Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in Morpheus. The current Minister is The odyessians and they can be contacted via telegram and or via the LinkMorpheus Discord. The Minister is currently in need of a deputy Minister and if your a nation interested in filling that position just contact the MoFA.

Are you a representative of a region wanting to open an embassy with Morpheus? Just follow the steps below and we will be well on our way to making that a reality:

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements of the Morpheus Embassy Policy

  2. They have an RMB post from that at least 7 days ago.

  3. They must have at least 25 nations with at least 5 WA nations or at least showing signs that they are recruiting. The Prime Minister may make certain exemptions as long as it benefits the region.

  4. They need to share a similar outlook in government as our region or at least meet with heads of state to ensure our interest are mutual.

  5. Future Embassies after this bill is passed must state the reason why they want an embassy.

  6. They can be either raider or defender as long as they keep our region neutral in any issues with theirs.

  7. Must have a stable environment and government.

  8. Must not be a puppet or storage region unless it's a defender or regional restoration organization.

  9. If we close an embassy, that closing embassy has the right to appeal the closure to the Prime Minister, or the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
    Once you meet the requirements we will happily accept your request!

  10. Morpheus Prime Minister reserves the right to update, or make changes to meet the standards for the region with a majority confirmation vote of Aye from Parliament.

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