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A Guide To The Union of Conservative Nations

Union of Conservative Nations s

Welcome To The Union of Conservative Nations
Welcome to a place where you can be a proud patriot with western, conservative and capitalist values.

What is This Region's Purpose?
This is a neutral region that can serve almost any purpose(accept in NS warfare). Nations are welcome to chat about anything in the RMB provided that it excludes NSFW content as we are pro free speech. This can also be a puppet storage region for those that have puppets.

All forms of roleplay are welcome and I will leave it up to y'all to decide how you want to roleplay. If you are going to roleplay, y'all can create your own rules and y'all can have multiple roleplays happening at once. You can even do solo roleplay as well with your own rules(or no rules at all).

RMB Free Speech Policy
The RMB Free speech policy aims to protect free speech for all. The only content that's not aloud is NSFW content. Otherwise y'all are free to say whatever you wish to say. However, please be respectful and mature. No baby fights! We aim to be Anti-Censorship and Pro Free Speech.

WA Policy
Anyone can be come WA delegate. It is up to y'all who you want to elect. The WA delegate will only have access to polls and WA. No executive authority to prevent invasions. We also allow free endorsement which means anyone can endorse anyone who they wish to endorse.

Are a Left Wing Nations Welcome?
Yes as we are an anti censorship and pro free expression+speech region. Although most nations here would disagree with socialistic and communist and marxist ideologies, those nations are still welcome.

Are We:
Pro Life? Yes
Pro Slavery? No
Pro Fascist? No
Pro Free market? Yes
Pro Universal Healthcare+education? Yes
Pro Citizens? Yes
Pro Western Civilization? Yes
Pro Freedom?Yes
Pro Anarchy?No
Pro Free Speech? Yes

Confederate states of america s