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Account of Legislation

The Taxation Allowance Act of 2019: 

-The Region shall set up a Tax system 
- The Taxation system shall consist of one flat tax 
- The Rate of that Tax shall be Six Percent
- Tax Evasion shall be considered a crime punishable by the courts

Tax Reformation Act of 2019

I. Relief Clause
Until such time as the act be revoked or replaced, the flat tax of the region shall be lowered to 5% from 6% to provide greater relief for the financial middle to lower class.

II. Luxury Clause 
Any Nation holding more then 1,000 RUNIC's shall pay 20% of their wealth on tax day.

III. Any company that does business or holds wealth shall pay 40% of their wealth on Tax Day.

IV. Any part of the former Tax act, not directly contradicted by this act shall remain.

Financial Independence Accord (FIA)

I. Keenan doesn't have to pay taxes as long as he doesn't make money.
International Bank of The Assembly of United Nations Loan Process

- Loans can be taken from the IBANU at a rate of no lower that 10%.
- Loan interest will be payed on a weekly basis.
Systemic Prevention of Advanced Monopolies Act (or SPAM Act)

-One Nation must not own a Super Majority (66%) of stocks in the region

- The Government can change the above limit at it's discretion to avoid the monopolization of the stock exchange.
Judicial Independence Accord 

- Because Keenan doesn't have to pay taxes as long as he doesn't make money
- speech is money 
-so pretty much he doesn't have to follow laws
-or something
-P.s he can be in government cause what the heck
Tax Reformation Reformation Act

- Just Kidding about the 40% and 20% rates in the previous act. The Luxury Tax will now be 20% and the Wealth Tax specified in Clause III of the previous act shall be cut down to 10%
Responsible Loaning and Interest Deductible Act of 2019 
-When anyone who has taken out a loan pays an interest payment. An amount equal to 2% of that payment shall be served to the government.