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The High Rock Times Volume VI

This volume was published by Jushi Gardnons
Weather Conditions
-Dragon poop warning issued for Imperial Skyrim Kingdom. Citizens in Skyrim are advised to take cover to avoid getting covered in Dragon poop.

Why We Haven't Published a Volume For 1 Month?
We will now explain as to why we haven't published an edition for one month. Some Thalmor snuck into Daggerfall through the Hammerfell border. The Thalmor burned our publishing office and headquarters. Our headquarters took one month to rebuild and we are currently building a headquarters in every part of The Great Empire of Cyrodiil. All the staff here at the The High Rock Times sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for being patient with us.


Emperor Titus Mede iii Tightening Border Control on Hammerfell
"We will be tightening border control in Hammerfell due to the Thalmor attack in Daggerfall" Speaks Emperor Titus Mede iii in Imperial City. The new border control will introduce stricter security checks and every border checkpoint will have a mage to use magic to determine if the individual (and/or group(s)) are entering The Great Empire of Cyrodiil as Thalmor through neutral Hammerfell. The redguards that cooperate with the Thalmor will automatically be refused entry! The mages will be well trained to detect disguised Thalmor.

Is There a Divide Between The Rich and Poor in Cheydinhal?
According to a poll done by the imperial government, studies have found that citizens in Cheydinhal are judged by their wealth. Rich citizens often being treated as 'gods' and middle class citizens being treated as tourists while the poor are mocked and "shamed". We decided to do a survey and ask the citizens of Cheydinhal "Is there a Wealth Divide?". Over 96% of the citizens answered yes and the 96% consisted of the majority in the lower class. Majority The wealthy and middle class made up the 4% that either said "no" or "refused to answer".

Thank you for tuning into this week's volume of The High Rock Times.