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[*] Sports in Gagium

Sports are seen as an integral part to modern Gagiumish culture and society. Soccer is the most widely viewed sport in the country, followed by (american) football, baseball, and hockey. Other popular sports in the country include auto racing, basketball, tennis, wrestling, golf, and volleyball. The three major professional sports leagues in the nation (by revenue) are the Crown Soccer League (CSL), Confederal Football Association (CFA), and Gagiumish Baseball League (GBL), and all of these leagues enjoy moderate media coverage and are televised. Soccer games enjoy an average attendance of 51,000, while football games are attended by an average of 42,400 people and baseball games are attended by roughly 24,000 people. The Gagiumish Hockey League and Gagiumish Basketball Organization are also relatively popular national sports leagues.

All major sports leagues in Gagium follow a franchise system, and all teams may move to a different city (At the discretion of their league) if the owners of said team believe a move will be beneficial. However, some local cities and commonwealths have introduced legislation to bar franchises from leaving without seeking out the approval of a city. Games are played during the regular season of all major sports leagues, and playoffs commence to determine league winners after the regular season ends.
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Gagium's participation in the [url=]First FCN Olympic Games[/url] sparked a vast increase in sports attendance, viewership, and profits, as dozens of millions of Gagiumishes viewed live coverage of the games at one point or another. The most viewed game was Women's Soccer Finals match, in which the Gagiumish team beat the Paleoconservative Citizens team 3-2, winning gold. The first gold medal won by Gagium was in Men's Individual Archery by Adam Porter.

Throughout the entire course of the Olympics, athletes representing Gagium won a total of 19 medals, 6 of them being golds, with the nation only sending in a fraction of the athletes as other nations did; The top medal winner, the Furbish Islands, won 64 total medals, 25 of them being golds.

Following an increase in revenue for the Gagiumish Olympiad Committee, they announced that Gagium will attempt to fill spots in all sports in the upcoming FCN Winter Olympics.
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