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DRF Chronicle #6


We’ve been gone for 130 days and now we’ve come back! We’re looking forward to bringing the news to the DRF again! So what’s happened? We’ve been relatively quiet but recently we’ve had a call for a trial of a nation, big embassy closure and build up to an election!

All this and more in this edition of the DRF Chronicle...

Breaking News:

1. Embassy shut with the Union of Allied States

Over the last two weeks, the main 5 nations in the cabinet have been hard at work trying to figure out what to about the UAS. This came to their attention after East Meranopirus published a dispatch and RMB post stating that the UAS has couped him as president, attacked him verbally and had become anti-democratic. The president of the UAS, Chokoku, was quick to put down those statements and was asked to testify to the cabinet. Chokoku said that region was still democratic, hasn’t changed their constitution and in fact, he was being attacked instead. Following this, the cabinet decided to fact-check and made the decision to close embassies. Zweites Preussen announced the closure on the DRF RMB, basing the decision on the UAS lying, taking away rights and couping their president. There has been no reply from the UAS over this act.

Zweites Preussen wrote:People of the Democratic Republic of Freedom,

I am sorry to announce that embassies are closing with Union of Allied States due to several events within their region, including:

COUPING their president not even halfway through their term,
REVOKING ALL RIGHTS of non-citizen nations in a new constitution,
UNJUSTLY ENACTING their constitution without a vote,
LYING about their current non-democratic status,
AND INSULTING statements made at our sister region The Clover Confederation's diplomats from government officials.

The embassy will be scheduled for closure immediately. In addition, we will be seeking closer ties with The Democratic Union, the region of East Meranopirus, which is seeking to right the wrongs of the UAS.

Thank you all,
Zweites Preussen

This was the statement providing reason of embassy closure with the Union of Allied States on the DRF RMB on the 9th August. The PM played a role in making the decision and was the nation who ordered the closure.

Read dispatch

2. Abbots called to trial

2 weeks ago, New Excalibus announced that they were leaving NS and TCC. In reply to this, Puetavisa published a message which branded Great Apathonia and Abbots as traitors. This was because of their spamming on discord during Excalibus’ troubles and were accused of ‘making things worse’. Apathonia was then (ban)ejected from TCC, but Abbots being a DRF citizen, could only be properly punished from inside the DRF. So, Puetavisa decided to call for a trial of Abbots in DRF Court. Many nations came out in support of Abbots last including the PM. At time of publication, the DRF Court sub-region had just been made and everyone was getting ready. At the moment, things look in Puetavisa’s favour as they work in law IRL. BUT, Puet needs to persuade the judge why Abbots’ crime is treason against the DRF. It should be opened in the next few weeks.

3. August Election

17th August has been announced as the date for the DRF’s next general election, with two nations already announcing their candidacy for the election. This follows a successful 4 months of Zweites Preussen premiership. It looks in the balance of who’s going to win, as it looks like Zweites was very popular over the last few months but at the moment, he’s not standing so it is very much hard to call. This is only the second election without political parties, so we hope to see no voting blocs. The winner would be Prime Minister until October.

Interregional News:

1. Puetavisa becomes Archduke in TWC

Recently, we heard the news that the Foreign Minister of The Wolf Clan had just been promoted into the region’s hierarchy. This marks what has been a great rise through the ranks in TWC for Puetavisa.

2. DRF aligns with East Meranopirus

Following the controversy with the UAS, East Meranopirus along with Handal Ands decided to start their own region that followed democratic values. After the DRF decided to close embassies with the UAS, Zweites Preussen announced that the DRF was going to try and strengthen ties with The Democratic Union, the new region.

And so, that concludes this weeks news! We’ve had a lot go one recently and hopefully it helped you understand it better. If we did get any facts wrong, please TG me.

Thanks for reading!