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2077 WaR fOr tHe EaRth App

National Information
Full Nation Name: The New Hierarchy of Amazonia
History: As industrialization and economic development of Brazil continued throughout the 2020s to 2040s, more and more forested lands and rainforests were decimated as communities popped up across the Brazilian landscape. Despite significant advances in eco-sustainable technology, Brazilian corporations and polluters continued to use production methods that generated massive amounts of pollution and required steady streams of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources. Those in the northeast typically voted for US-liberal type politicians (Who were steadily moving left) while those in the rest of the country voted for US-conservative type politicians, who were largely influenced by Donald Trump (2017-2025) and other right-wing populists.

In the 2050 general election, left-wing candidate Bento Guerra won in an upset victory, being the first candidate to win in some southeastern states in decades. This was also the same year that the Gaean movement had held a 2-million person demonstration in Brasilia, the still-capital of the nation. Guerra quickly reversed on his statements that he wouldn't implement radical policies, however, and quickly seized control of key mining and lumber industries, bringing all assets of these companies under government control. Guerra also put in place numerous Gaean-aligned cabinet members and military officers, and by 2059 the Brazilian Republic was dissolved by Gaean justices and Bento. Though the nation's mining operations were not halted in order to continue producing vital machinery in preserving Brazil, the lumber industry was more or less halted and billions of dollars were spent on rainforest restoration efforts, a large portion of that money having come from the defunct companies' assets.

In 2061, Brazil invaded Bolivia and Paraguay, quickly overrunning them and integrating the territories into the 'New Hierarchy of Amazonia' under Gaean governor-generals. Genocide of political opponents or anyone who were not obvious Gaeans began in these territories, with hundreds of ghost towns forming and then being demolished. French Guiana and Suriname were invaded in 2064, and similar genocides began in those territories. 25% of the population of southeast Brazil was wiped out between 2060 and 2077. Bento Guerra died in 2074, and an advanced super-AI took control of his position.

Currently, Amazonia is continuing a steady military build-up and still spending billions yearly on environmental restoration. The nation still produces notable amounts of pollution through its military-related industries, though AI has largely been integrated into the army, reducing the need for soldier provisions. Genocide continues in all of Amazonia's possessions, and dozens of communities are bulldozed a year.
Government Type & Ideology: Authoritarian Socialistic Autocracy
Head of State: AMAZONIA-1 AI
Head of Government: AMAZONIA-1 AI
Capital City: Brasilia
Population (Linkgood resource with projected population for the time): 187,000,000
Gaean or Realist Power?: Gaean
Government's Stance on Environment (if realist):
Land Claims: Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, French Guiana, Suriname
Economic Information
Type (free-market, mixed, centralized, etc.): Centralized government-managed economy
Development (undeveloped, developing, developed): Developed
Primary Industry (agriculture, resource, manufacturing, service): Agriculture, mining
Imports: Electronics, machinery and equipment
Exports: Agricultural products, chemicals, iron ore, coffee
GDP: $4.301 trillion
GDP Per Capita: $23,000
Military Information
Priority: High
Type (professional or conscript): Professional
Budget as % of GDP: 5%
Fit for Service (25-35% of population): 48.62 million
Active Service (much lower, rarely over 3% of population): 2.43 million (Largely in non-combat roles)
Reserves (optional): TBD
Equipment: Largely-outdated personal firearms imported by bulk, modern 'sustainable' tanks, aircraft, and ships, advanced drones and sustainable

Map of the New Hierarchy of Amazonia: