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DRF Chronicle #7


Itís been 17 days since we last published a news article and we have a fair bit of news for you! Things have happened and some you might not have heard before, so sit back, relax and enjoy this edition of The DRF Chronicle!

Breaking News:

1. Zweites Preussen elected PM

In our last edition, we brought you the story that the 17th August would be the date of the next DRF General Election. There were three candidates standing, and here at the Chronicle, we successfully predicted the win going to Zweites. This win all but confirms Zweites being PM for six months by the end of his next term. The new PM also made changes to the cabinet, to note a few, Abbots becoming Foreign Secretary, The excalian-freedonian puppet becoming Home Secretary and Matroyska becoming Chief Justice. Another move made was the decision to not have an RP Minister, which was backed up and eventually all questions were answered. We look forward to see what our new PM will provide for the region in the coming months and what impact it could have in the region.

2. Puetavisa temporarily drops charges

A story that broke really recently was this, and it shows another turn in this ongoing trial. It started when Abbots declared that he was off the hook on the DRF RMB, only to be put down by the leader of the charges, Puetavisa. The trial so far hasnít been able to make much progress, and if it were to continue, Puetavisa would have to present his reasoning to the court. Puet replied on the RMB with this post to almost sum up why no progress has been made, but also to reply to Abbots:

Puetavisa wrote:Is that so?..

Iíve decided that Iíll drop charges on you only within the DRF until further notice. You are simply not worth my time, and Iím not going to put forth the effort to humiliate you further, as you clearly do that by being yourself.

Iím willing to negotiate actually pardoning you, but only if you donít bring more people to state your case for you. You arenít pardoned yet, but Iíll think about reevaluating your status as a traitor and a terrorist to the Crown once you prove to me you can somewhat tone down your toxicity.

Man to man, mono y mono.

Ta-ta for now,


And so, we still donít know what the outcome of the trial will be, we have a potential end to the event or we could see a continuation of the trial in the future. It seems that Puetavisa is willing to end this matter completely, which might come as a shock to some, following his passionate call for this trial. Unfortunately from the moment this trial was called two months ago, everything has been up in the air.

3. API recruitment begins with fairly limited results

One of the ongoing promises of a DRF PM candidate is to boost recruitment, but no one really got it going. Thatís until now of course! Before the election, it was announced that Zweites Preussen had started API recruitment with Drf office of recruitment. This continued after Zweitesí re-election and then, earlier this week, the DRF welcomed the first recruit from this process, Hosecannon. The PM was very pleased about this new arrival, and alongside some other new members, it takes the DRF population up to 20.

Interregional News:

1. New Foreign Secretary shows eco-friendly stance

Newly appointed Foreign Secretary, Abbots has begun to make the region more eco-friendly through embassy requests over the past week. Embassy proposals were made to Environmental Protection Council and Paris Agreement, both are very influential regions in the world. This means that DRF is supporting the eco-friendly movement, which hasnít been shown before. With a new Foreign Secretary comes new plans, and maybe these plans involve more eco-friendly options.

2. PM denies chance to join TWC kingdom

The DRF and TWC have recently improved relations between each other, both having embassies and speaking on the respective RMBs, even Skundi was given the title of Knight of the Grand Wolf! But when Alpha Wolf suggested of the DRF joining as a state, the PM opted for the independent option and the proposal was turned down. Had the PM agreed, there wouldíve been a regional poll to decide on whether the DRF should join. We donít really know what DRF citizens think about TWC, so it is highly likely that the citizens would vote against the proposal.

And that concludes this edition! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, learnt something from it or just stayed up to date. Any comments should be sent to DRF State Broadcasting or Skundi.

Next exclusive article: We hope to interview our new Foreign Secretary about his stance, his plans and his job! Keep on the lookout for it!