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Interview with DRF Foreign Secretary

Under Zweites Preussens new government, Abbots became Foreign Secretary. We decided to interview him over what might happen and what plans were made for the future. All these words are what was sent to me and are 100% authentic. Enjoy!

1. How do you feel about being the DRFs Foreign Secretary?
I Feel Great About Being The DRF Foreign Secretary Always Loved Regional Goverment

2. What are your plans for the future?
I Feel Like We Need To Bring Our Name Out In The World Allying More Regions and Improving ties with one we already have example The Clover Confederation

3. What is your opinion on opening embassies?
My opinion on opening embassies Is We Need More embassies As embassies Somewhat Provide Safety

4. How do you plan to maintain or even improve relations with other regions?
I Think We Should Be Careful On Who To Ally But Improve Relations with Region we already have allied And (The DRF wont Join Any Region)

5. You have been brought to trial in DRF court by Puetavisa, who happens to be the Foreign Minister of TWC. How will you overcome this boundary when in talks with him?
Already Talked To Puetavisa On Discord He Seems Like A Chill Guy

6. What is your view on current goings on in the world (feel free to name a few events)?
With The Clovers leaving The Wolf Clan For Suppression Of Freedom Of Speech I Think We Shouldn't Interfere and Let The Clovers figure it out And Me And New Excalibus Are Chill Now So That's A Good thing