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Interview with Puetavisa, Foreign Minister of The Wolf Clan


Following our interview with the DRF Foreign Secretary, the Foreign Minister of The Wolf Clan decided to get in the act and asked for an interview as well. Being a good friend of the DRF, we spoke to [nation]Puetavisa[/nation] about TWC, the trial and just NS itself! All of this interview was what was sent to me and all words are [u]100%[/u] authentic. Enjoy!

[b]So, can you just start by explaining your history on NS (like what regions you were in etc)?
Well, I found out about this game by reading the books ďJennifer GovernmentĒ and ďMachine ManĒ in college. I remembered how good those books were, and through a quick Google search, I found out about NationStates!
I got a recruitment telegram from [region]Ridgefield[/region], and earned a government position within weeks. I tend to get bored of regions, so I moved to [region]KAISERREICH[/region] and obtained a title within the nobility there.

Later on, I reunited with some old friends in [region]Hegiroth[/region], which then became [region]The Clover Confederation[/region]. [nation]Alpha Wolf[/nation] shot me a DM on Discord, asking who I was. We soon became good friends, and I took up what I thought would be a break from TCC, as I frankly found it hard to balance NS and my life, as my son was born around this time.

The rest is history. I found the balance between real life and gaming, and now hold positions in multiple regions and organizations.

[b]And you are now Foreign Minister for The Wolf Clan. How does it feel to represent one of the most famous regions in NS?
It was very surreal at first. I never thought Iíd be as well known and prominent as I am now. I went from being a Chancellor for a region of 10 people, to being a public figure in the world of NationStates. It has been an extremely good opportunity, and Iíve helped build the region up, along with the help of the rest of [region]The Wolf Clan[/region] officials and citizens.

[b]You had a great first few days on the job, have your plans changed from what you thought when you were first appointed?[/b]
No, my goals were very broad. I wanted to form the monarchy, and I made my deadline of obtaining 5 states 3 months ahead of my deadline. I wanted to create a more set government, and we now have a parliament and have ratified our constitution. Who knows what the future will hold?

[b]In July, you called for the trial of [nation]Abbots[/nation] for treason, why exactly did you do this?[/b]

He allegedly led to the crumbling of TCC, which in turn, resulted in the immigration of [nation]Rughzhenhaide[/nation] to [region]The Wolf Clan[/region]. It was bumpy at first, but Iíve realized that Rugh coming to TWC has been a huge help, and the situation seems to have settled down.

[b]On Sunday, you announced youíd dropped the charges for now, but not for good. How likely are you to bring the charges back?[/b]
Itís hard to say now. Iíve come to realize that thereís no need to press charges and publicly shame him, as he does that regardless. Why overwork when he does it naturally? I have more important things to deal with. ;)

[b]And now onto a different subject, and Iím sure lots of people want to know this, who is the heir to Hannibal Soto?[/b]
The lore of ďHannibalĒ is something I donít even know yet. Iíve come to love this alias and character, as Iíve used it for over 5 1/2 years now. I tried assassinating Hannibal, but itís such a cool character and a very fitting name for me as well. If it ainít broke, donít fix it!

[b]How long are you wanting to stay in TWC for? If you plan to leave in the future, do you prefer moving around a lot or staying just in one region?[/b]
I plan on staying in The Wolf Clan until [nation]Alpha Wolf[/nation] and [nation]Apostate[/nation] get fed up with me. Haha!

Iíve been looking for a region like this; one big enough to stand its own, but small enough to where everyone knows each other. Best choice Iíve ever made.

[b]And finally, what are your thoughts on puppets?[/b]
There was once a time when I had about 200 puppets, and I just found it stressful and tedious to log into them everyday. Today, I maintain about 10-15. To each his own, though!
Iím not going to tell you how to play the video game; if you like having a thousand puppets, good for you!