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Imperial Custadian Army Small Arms

RS-78: Adopted in 1978, this is the standard service rifle of the Custadian army. Capable of both automatic and semi-automatic fire and chambering a 6.5x49mm cartridge, it replaced the heavier 30 cal. service rifles of the past. Though typically used with iron sights, marksmen variants are fitted with 4x optical sights.

RS-78C: A bullpup version of the RS-78, this shorter rifle is issued to tank crews, artillerymen and other support units for whom a longer rifle would be an inconvenience.

GPMG-60: Adopted in 1960, this general purpose machine gun has stood the test of time. Firing 7.65x50mm rounds from a belt at 750 RPM, it is capable of both suppressive and effective fire.

PS-78: A 9mm service pistol of all-steel construction, the PS-65 is reliable and has a 15 round high-capacity magazine.

RM-98: Firing a magnum cartridge, this bolt-action sniper rifle is capable of making hits at extreme ranges. Originally it was designed for use by the Custadian secret security services...