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by The Constitutional Republic of Marxist Germany. . 84 reads.

Response to TNP's Information for Voters

Despite the good intentions of this resolution, it falls victim to several discrepancies that undermine its own effectiveness. Firstly, Clause 2.1 allows guardians of minors to legally consent to sterilisation on behalf of a minor, undermining the integrity and the spirit of the bill.

This is completely false. Clause 2a was added to avoid contradiction with GA#29 "Patients Rights Act". Morover, the clause mentions that the guardian or parent must be legally able to consent on behalf of the child, something nations can use to ban sterilisation of children. I would also refer to GA#222 "Prevention of Child Abuse", which does not allow parents to forcefully sterilise their children with malicious intent as it would cause severe harm to the child.
In addition, several clauses are plagued by ambiguity that again undermines effectiveness. Clause 3.2 requires a state to "reasonably punish people who carry out illegal sterilisation" which does not specify what might count as reasonable punishment.

I intentionally did not specify what counts as reasonable to avoid a situation whereas "one-size-fits-none". Its up to nations to decide how they should punish people who carry out forced sterilisation, furthermore, in order to be in compliance with GA#2, a nation must interpret resolutions in good faith; therefore, fining offenders $1 for example, would certainly be done in bad faith and is unreasonable.
Clause 4 "urges member states to provide reparations for victims of forced sterilisation." Again, this is too vague to be of any effective benefit and ultimately, no reparation is adequate to any sort of degree as there are no proven ways to give back to an individual the biological means to reproduce once sterilized. While this proposal is well-intentioned, it should in essence, be considered a draft for a much larger and more comprehensive bill on the topic of limiting forced sterilization.

Clause 4 is an urge clause, meaning its up to nations to decide wether to follow it or not, it is also up to nations to decide how they want to help victims of forced sterilisation. I don't understand how you could get a larger and more comprehensive bill on this without contradicting PRA (GA#29).