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AUN Olympics

Welcome to the AUN Olympics!

The AUN Olympics are a friendly contest held on the Last Saturday of the Month.

Q: What on earth?
A: Good Question, these Olympics are a contest where every nation in the region compete for cash prizes in several efficiency categories of your national performance.

Q: What are the Prizes?
A: 1st Place gets all the money allocated in the budget for Olympics

Q: How do I win?
A: If you place first in a category you receive 3 points. If you place second, two points, and if you place third, one point. The nation with the most points has all the money allocated to their respective financial nation.

Q:Who sets the rules?
A: The categories are selected by the President through legislation.

Q: When?
A: The Olympics are held on the last Saturday of every month

Q: Why?
A: Read Philosophy Books you moron.