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Hjaalmarian Courier Issue 4E, 203, 21st day of Sun's Dawn: Iron-Breaker Mine collapses in Dawnstar!

Hjaalmarian Courier

Issue: Iron-Breaker Mine collapses in Dawnstar!

At 9 pm, Tirdas, 21st Day of Sun's Dawn, the Iron-Breaker mine collapses in Dawnstar, The Pale Hold trapping 1,260 miners. The Collapse shook the entire city like an earthquake. The Pale Hold Residence went to the mine and tries to rescue the miners trapped inside, The Pale Hold Jarl requests national assistance from the Hjaalmarch Hold, The Winterhold, and the High King. Jarl of Hjaalmarch Hold sent 300 guards, The Winterhold sent 125 guards, and the High King sent himself along with 1,000 Winstad soldiers to help with the rescue operation. 16 hours later, the reinforcements from the other Holds and the Winstad Royal Army has arrived. We Interviewed the High King about this tragedy in Dawnstar and he had this to say, "I am here to show our people that I will not stand by at my Manor and hear about this tragedy, I will come to aid my people myself alone if I wished to, We will get the survivors out of that mine and we will rebuild that mine with better supports, better management, and easy shifts to make sure the miners get out of the mine at a specific time." Due to the Iron-Breaker Mine collapse, the prices of Iron has skyrocketed throughout the Kingdom making it difficult for some Hjaalmarians to buy Iron made products. The Jarl of the Pale Hold demands the workers of the Quicksilver mine to stop mining and help with the rescue operation, the owner of the Mine sends 450 miners to support but keeps the 600 miners inside to keep mining Quicksilver. Due to the time-spending on rescuing the Iron-Breaker miners, the Jarl and the High King has no time to argue with people, so they let it go and continue attempting to rescue the Iron-Breaker Miners. The operation could take weeks maybe even months but we all hope to the Divines that they will come out of this alive. We interviewed the owner of the Quicksilver and he had this to say, "I feel bad for the miners in the Iron-Breaker mine, I do, but however, this does not give me a good reason to stop our mining operation. This is a big thing for us since the competition is temporarily out of commission, Hjaalmarians can start buying more Quicksilver! Think of the Septims we could make with these. I sent at least 400 something miners to help the operation that should be enough people to help but I'm not going to send all my miners."

What a tragic day for The Pale Hold this week. We will continue to update this tragedy every week.

Hjaalmarian Courier Dawnstar Post, 4E 203, 22nd day of Sun's Dawn.