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Personnel Profile: Susan Harper

Susan Harper, Ph.D.

Born: MONTH DAY, YEAR (age ##)

Occupation: Societal Director
FIELD (Master)

Nationality: American, UNNAMED
Languages: English (primary), PLACEHOLDER

General Medical Info

Height: 0'00" (000.00 cm)
Weight: 000 lb (00 kg)

Personality type: Myers-Briggs PLACEHOLDER
Visual Acuity: Average
Handedness: Right-Handed

Family and Friends

Marital status: Single
Spouse: N/A

Children: 0

Contact Info

Email: DirectorHarper@ArcNET.sys

Susan Harper (born MONTH DAY, YEAR) is the second Director of Periapsis's administrative technocracy. She is most noted for creating and revising a total of 143 Catastrophic Event Contingency protocols before becoming one of Director Nathan Emari's Apprentice Directors. Today, a total of 23 of her CEC protocols are considered official procedures.

Before entering political office, she was a statistician and tactician.

In 2003, she appointed Charles Woodman as an Apprentice Director until 2013 when he was reappointed as an advisor. Following New Periapsis's official founding on September 12, 2018, Susan Harper resigned from office and appointed Charles Woodman as the third Director of Periapsis's administrative technocracy and the first Director of the Administrative Technocracy of New Periapsis.



Table of Contents
1 Early life
1.1 Early childhood
1.2 Education
2 Career
2.1 Aragon Industries
2.1.1 Construction tools
2.1.2 DARPA Research Contracts
2.1.3 IGAT software
2.1.4 ArcNET
2.1.5 Ethradox
2.1.6 HolOS
2.1.9 Project Blue Horizon
2.2 Early sociology work
2.2.1 Theories and observations
2.X Project Safe House
2.X Project Lethe
2.X.1 Viability experiments
2.X Periapsis Societal Utopian Project
2.X.x Real-world attempt
2.X Media coverage
3 Personal Info
3.2 Family
3.3 Philanthropy
3.4 Melatonin usage
4.1 Political
4.2 Moral and ethical philosophy
4.x Humanity's future
4.x Research safeguarding
5 Awards and recognition
6 In popular media
7 References
8 Further reading
9 External links

Early life

Nathan was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois until the age of 15 when he moved to Des Moines, Iowa with his family in 1976. In 1979, he graduated from public high school and enrolled in Des Moines Area Community College a year later.

Early childhood
Since his birth, Nathan Emari has had ADHD and High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder which was left undiagnosed until he was at the age of 6. As a result, he was faced with difficulties learning what would ordinarily be simple for other people. One of the challenges he struggled with the most was understanding social cues, folkways, and behavior. However, with years of practice he was able to turn these traits into strengths and consequently gained a unique perspective on life he has stated he wishes more people could see. Nathan Emari has also expressed WORD_PLACEHOLDER in the past, stating that "If I was anywhere else on the spectrum and I had still problems with noises after I was five or six, I think I might've been screwed."



Aragon Industries
In late 1983, Nathan Emari founded Aragon Industries, an experimental technology company, along with co-founders Benjamin Deluca and Joseph Rilers. The company began to take part in research projects with DARPA in 1988 and established a close partnership with IARPA in late 2006.

Construction tools
The first successful commercial products released by Aragon Industries were a variety of specialized sandpaper drill bits for woodworking designed to be used in a typical power drill. Despite its commendable success however, Nathan Emari remarks that "it was really more of a side business than anything."

DARPA Research Contracts
In May 1988, Aragon Industries had captured the interest of the United States Department of Defense due to the liquid armor and Gauss rifle research Nathan Emari was working on at the time. After being approached by a representative of the United States Department of Defense, he was offered a 54.2 million dollar research grant and an unknown level of security clearance in exchange for all research pertaining to his developments which he declined and promptly negotiated over the course of 19 weeks. In the end, he was given a 17.2 million dollar research grant and a lower security clearance level than originally offered along with the right to have independent research privileges and the ability to release all information pertaining to his work in liquid armor, experimental materials, and electromagnetic projectile weapons after May 1998.

His work in these research projects continued in the interest of helping protect the lives of police officers until he delegated the task of continuing to one of his teams of researchers on July 17, 1990; presumably to enable himself to more freely work on sociological studies and attempt designing an "ideal society".

IGAT software
Integrated General Assistive Technology software (or IGAT software) had long been an innovative vision for Nathan Emari ever since the company Aragon Industries was founded however, due to heavily relying on research from DARPA's Speech Understanding Research program, most practical iterations were only capable of using commands or recognizing simple sentences limited to a vocabulary size of over 1,300 words. In 2007, the beta version of IGAT was released to the public for testing. Due to IGAT's inclusion in Aragon Industries's early "smart devices", this prompted a short but intense period of competition between Aragon Industries and Apple Computers due to IGAT's updated release occurring just weeks before the announcement of Siri. Since 2012, has been made open source and continues to be periodically updated with recent builds that are in established use.

ArcNET (short for Archive NETwork) is an advanced, multipurpose internet utility engine created in late 1998 by a large team of PSUP test resident personnel with Benjamin Deluca leading the programming effort. Typically, a single non-profit subscription fee of $15 USD is required for yearly access. Nathan Emari has repeatedly expressed frustration over the inability to provide the service for free but begrudgingly states that "it remains necessary in order to ensure the preservation of an advertisement-free internet and continuity of its infrastructure in most countries."

ArcNET, while primarily known and used as a search engine, grants users a variety of other utilities such as:

  • Instant messaging, e-mail, and voice/videocall communication services

  • Online libraries containing free music, e-books, and audiobooks

  • Unique forum websites (i.e. Logos, Pathos, and Ethos)

  • Video hosting service

  • Cloud file hosting service

In 2002, the development of a live-time global analytic software called "Ethradox" was announced by Nathan Emari with the aim of the project being to create an alternative method of reliably compiling statistical information in live time to create a yearly or even hourly global census and act as an Early Alert System for catastrophic or potentially apocalyptic events. Despite several incidents nearly resulting in the project's abandonment or termination of government agency partnerships during the alpha testing build phase, the software has become a success and a source of incredible efficiency in emergency service response and bureaucracy.

Since the establishment of Mobile Task Force Division Beta in 2011, an effort created by the original Periapsis government in the interest of combating internet-based crimes internationally, there have been reports suggesting that the advanced internet search engine may have capabilities beyond public understanding; with rumors claiming that the personnel involved may have potentially indexed as much as 70 times more of the entire internet than Google has achieved.

Despite the notable level of secrecy surrounding the project, the personnel working with Ethradox have tried to be as transparent as possible; often showcasing things such as system tests, running simulations of various public emergencies, and how the software keeps the personal information it analyses anonymous.

Since Ethradox's creation (most notably during 2013 due to the global surveillance disclosure by Edward Snowden), Nathan Emari along with 291 out of the 1,300 personnel that played a part in the software's development have repeatedly insisted that "despite what one may be inclined to interpret what this software does or what it's used for, we refuse to obtain, use, or monitor absolutely any data through the ethical violation of invading any individual's right to privacy and interpersonal communication."

On April 14, 2010, Nathan Emari posted a picture of himself and co-founder Benjamin Deluca on the official Aragon Industries Twitter page with the caption "Happy birthday to me! I hope you're all having a nice day, I'm just spending the day with friends and working." When one user posted a question regarding the contents of the papers scattered around the desk in the background, Nathan replied "Good eye! It's actually just a sketch I was doodling when I was mapping something but what I was making it for was the exciting part." Later in May the same year, the Helix tablet was released, featuring a touchscreen made of solid glass that utilized a pseudo-holographic projection system to display the device interface.

Project Blue Horizon
In an effort to combat climate change, Nathan Emari created Project Blue Horizon in 2013 as a deep-sea geothermal energy and methane hydrate excavation initiative.

In a previous endeavor named "Project Poseidon" which was a joint effort between Aragon Industries, Project Lethe, and the NOAA with additional contributions from IARPA, large-scale oceanic surveys were performed from 2006 to 2013 which were utilized for determining an ideal location for a long-term sea base.

The first trial site was established in 2011 off the island coast of Montekarra, the original home of the Periapsis nation. In November 2012, the experimental seabase was subsequently abandoned for unknown safety reasons.

The first site was established on October 26, 2013 nearby Hawaii using a decommissioned oil rig. Utilizing and repurposing decommissioned oil rigs for a variety of uses quickly became standard practice. As of 2018, there have been 46 sites established worldwide that are in operation out of a total of 49. An additional 3 sites have been permanently closed pending further salvage operations and potential replacement due to catastrophic events.

Early sociology work
Thesis: The Objective Cohesion and Sustainability of Modern Society


Personal Life



Nathan Emari has repeatedly stated that his main goal in life is to "explore scientific pursuits in the interest of improving humanity." Interviews with friends and family have confirmed this claim being true, with his mother and father stating that "this has been the case ever since he was a child."

Melatonin usage
Nathan Emari is known to suffer from an unspecified sleep disorder. He states that it can take several hours for him to begin falling asleep. As a result, frequently self-medicates with over-the-counter Melatonin tablets. Additionally, he has shown to be able to stay awake for multiple days without feeling tired which has led to him being misdiagnosed with having bipolar disorder when he was 11.



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