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Gagium 2019 Campaign - On Regional Engagement

For President of the FCN


Hello, everyone. I hope that you all have heard of my presidential campaign for the upcoming election, and I would like to give my luck to anyone else who has plans to run for office. I would like to outline my plan on regional engagement - That is, how active and engaged our members are in the region - in this dispatch. First and foremost, it is important to look at the current situation. We've gone through roughly 500 RMB messages and 3,500 discord messages since last Saturday, which is all good and well. However, during the same time period only 15 roleplay posts have been made, all of those being a part of our ongoing Football Roleplay. And of the discord messages, 1,760 of those were in #general - a tad bit over half of the total. Despite the poll I'm running currently showing that a vast majority of people are interested in the regional legislature and politics, only 241 messages were sent in #senate-debate-chamber, with the senate voting on three matters of business. Activity is indeed rampant within the Federation, but what of engagedness? We have a less-than-active Senate and a regional populace largely uninterested in participating in much other than chatting on the RMB or discord.

But what can we do to fix this? To answer this question, we should examine the previous administration. The most active officer was undoubtedly Furbish Islands, with VP Holy Rhinish Islands coming in a close second. The previous administration largely focused on activities such as the FCN Regional Olympics (Which proved a decent source of activity and enjoyment for several people) and the ongoing FCN Football Tournament, with not a lot else being focused on that would prove engagement. We did (do?) have the 2077 War for Earth roleplay, with an astounding single roleplay post in the thread for it - It seems as if thread roleplays don't work. But do they really not? We've had several very, very successful forum roleplays in the past. But what do these have that the current roleplay doesn't have? It's simple- I ran those roleplays!

No, no, I'm kidding..Though I totally did. Both roleplays didn't have massive amounts of participants, much like the current roleplay, and all of these roleplays were on the forums. So what sets our earlier, successful roleplays apart from the current one? Both of these roleplays, simply, were wanted - The participants were all supportive of the idea and enjoyed roleplaying with others. These roleplays were built off of a plot driven by each other, encouraging the participants to post and making the roleplay successful. Now, let's be honest - I don't think many of us like the current roleplay at all. And it has a single post, with the other people who signed up (Myself included...) not posting. The key definitely isn't the platform of the roleplay - We've had a very successful RMB roleplay as well -, It seems to be the idea of the roleplay.

As President, I think I can make this promise - I promise to return to the age of active roleplays that we all were interested in. These roleplays will utilize a map created/used specifically for the purpose of the roleplay, and I'll ensure that the roleplay idea is popular enough that people will actually want to participate, hopefully sparking off a few decent starting posts that can encourage people to continue posting. We'll see what type of roleplay it is - Modern, industrial, colonial - and what sort of map it uses - Real-world, fictional, altered real-world. But, whatever the roleplay is of, we'll need active participants, and I'm hoping that the roleplay we'll have can contribute largely to regional activity. The regional press/newspaper we'll implement could also have a section specifically for roleplay news.

According to the poll though, like I said previously, a wide majority of people who voted in the poll take interest in regional politics and the senate, and yet it is not the most active it could be. So, what will change during my administration? I don't know, that's up to how active the senate speaker wants to be. But what we will do it encourage activity in people that will be (in part) transferred to the regional senate. Several of my policies will also hopefully be implemented and approved through the Senate. We'll have a steady stream of bills and legislature that will encourage fellow senators to write their own legislation and take part in debate.

Now what? We have roleplay and the senate tackled - But what's next? Looking at the poll, another large majority of people enjoy interregional affairs, political debate and discussion, and regional culture. For interregional affairs, I will find a dedicated Head Diplomat / WA Delegate that will reach out to fellow conservative regions to encourage discussion and friendship between us and those who share our ideology on NationStates. It may be a goal to establish a conservative alliance consisting of regions who share our beliefs as well - We'll see. That's a topic for another day, though such a thing could encourage activity in itself in several different ways. Next, we have political debate and discussion. To facilitate this and encourage it, my administration and Secretary of Internal Affairs will support dialogue on ongoing political affairs coupled with polls and encouraged debate on certain topics. Debates could be held on the RMB or discord. We also have regional culture/activities, for which we could organize games and activities on popular internet games that nearly anyone who has internet connection can play.

So, what do you all think? Feel free to TG me or contact me otherwise about your thoughts on the subject - I could always use some ideas!