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MTF Division: Delta Forces

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WARNING: This article is comprised of declassified material. By reading this message you are aware of and therefore acknowledge the security measures put into place.
Any and all attempts to access supplement information without sufficient authorization is considered unlawful and will result in prosecution inside a court of law.

MTF Division Delta Logo
Founded: September 12, 2018

Motto (Official): "Celer – Mortalis – Feroces"
Motto (Translated): "Swift, Deadly, Ferocious"

Number of Personnel: ≤~140-510
Trainers: ~40
Handlers: ~20-100
Deployment Personnel: ~70-340
Logistical Workers: ~10-30

Training camps:
- Androktasiai
- Anaideia

- Personnel quarantine (Primary)
- Jungle Terrain
- Urban Environments
- Close Quarters Combat (CQC)
- Standard Ranged Combat
- High Threat Level Counter-ops


In addition to being the 12th oldest MTF, Mobile Task Force Division Delta or "Delta Force" is quietly known to be both the most infamous and unique Special Purpose Division of Mobile Task Force. Unlike any other MTF, people are automatically transferred or drafted to this division if they are found to meet certain criteria and are then relocated to a remote area where they will be isolated from the rest of the world. There are two sites called "Androktasiai" and "Anaideia", which receive their namesakes from the female personifications of manslaughter in Greek mythology and the Greek Goddess of ruthlessness, shamelessness and unforgiveness respectively. Due to the violent nature of the personnel transferred to this division, the measures that are taken—such as the high level of security surrounding them—are often in the interest of public safety. The division has been deployed a total of less than 50 times ever since it was made to partially be an armed response unit by the United States government during the advent of the Vietnam War .




Founded in late 1964 by the Periapsis Societal Utopian Project, Mobile Task Force Division Delta or "Delta Force" was created with the intent of isolating specific personnel assets from other staff members and to prevent the recruitment of personnel deemed dangerous or unsatisfactory to other MTF divisions. In 1967, the United States government overrode the PSUP's authority in order to conscript the entirety of Personnel Isolation Group Delta-5 (which contained the most dangerous individuals even remotely involved with any Periapsis-related projects) along with portions of Delta-4. Following this, the American Department of Defense reclassified Delta from a Personnel Isolation Group (PIG) to a Mobile Task Force (MTF) and established Mobile Task Forces Delta-6 though -21 in order to support the Vietnam War. However, due to a majority of personnel in Delta Forces developing or already clinically diagnosed with a sense of psychopathy, efforts to have personnel follow orders controlled were largely almost entirely unsuccessful as they had no sense of consequence. Today, it remains as a special Mobile Task Force (MTF) designation primarily used for separating personnel from other MTFs. It should be noted that the entirety of Delta Forces is listed under Extrema Ratio protocol.

Military training



MTF Delta-7, Unit 253-M1
MissDes: G2/Fireteam Bravo 2-4

POST-MISSION REPORT ---- Operation #0000000023

Date: 10/14/YEAR

Objective: Locate, question, and retrieve Person of Interest during return transport

Event Description:
On October 14, YEAR, a detachment of 30 MTF "Delta" personnel, 21 handlers (6 in-flight and 15 ground), and 6 helicopter pilots were transported via three (3) Going TR-47 Chinook helicopters with specially modified troop transport interiors and deployed to EASTERN PLACE with orders to locate, question, and transport Person of Interest to a Secure Black Site (SBS). Departure had taken place at 0023 hours with arrival to insertion points reported at 0326 hours.

All helicopters landed and personnel were transported without incident. Helicopters 1 and 2 held positions near minimum insertion distance as to avoid alerting opposition via noise emitted by troop transport vehicles.

Helicopters 1 and 2 landed at predesignated sites 8 kilometers away from target building with 200 meter spacing between vehicles. Helicopter 1 was the first to disengage security locks and lower cargo ramp in order to deploy contents (see Addendum "Helicopter 1 Contents"). G1 was instructed to self-mobilize over to nearby vantage points, secure the target building's exterior from a distance, and not to enter the location perimeter . A total of 17 armed hostiles (presumed to be the target building's guards) were terminated after a total of 33 minutes. Once minimal risk of alerting enemy forces to personnel presence was presumed, G1 was recalled and successfully recontained within Helicopter 1 without incident. Immediately following this, Helicopter 2 disengaged from standard Delta personnel containment procedure and lowered cargo ramp, allowing G2 to be dispatched. G2 Fireteams Bravo 2 and Bravo 3 were ordered to breach and clear from the south-west and east sides of the target building respectively. Meanwhile, G2 Fireteam Bravo 4 was ordered to begin searching for any hidden/underground structures within a 1.6 kilometer wide area surrounding the task perimeter (a 2 kilometer radius area from the target building).

To provide incentive for mission success, G2 personnel were informed post-deployment that they must not allow Person of Interest to be harmed/killed, however, any civilian/noncombatant casualties that may occur during the mission was of no concern and would not lead to any disciplinary action.





Helicopter 1 Contents:
G1/Alpha 1 - 1 handler (serving as Group Commander)
G1/Fireteam Alpha 2 - 4 "Delta" personnel, 1 handler
G1/Fireteam Alpha 3 - 4 "Delta" personnel, 1 handler
G1/Fireteam Alpha 4 - 3 "Delta" personnel, 1 handler
Supply Crates (x5) - Standard Field Equipment

Helicopter 2 Contents:
G2/Bravo 1 - 1 handler (serving as Group Commander)
G2/Fireteam Bravo 2 - 5 "Delta" personnel, 1 handler
G2/Fireteam Bravo 3 - 4 "Delta" personnel, 1 handler
G2/Fireteam Bravo 4 - 3 "Delta" personnel (immediate reserve), 2 handlers

Helicopter 3 Contents:
G3/Charlie 1 - 1 handler (serving as Group Commander)
G3/Charlie 2 - 4 handlers (primarily reserve)
G3/Charlie 3 - 7 "Delta" personnel (reserve pool)



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