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by The Deputy AG Emeritus of Dinoium. . 985 reads.

TEP Liberation Memes

Credits to Syrixia who made this beautiful piece of art.

All four pics credits to Praeceps.

All five credits to The United Vex Imperium.

Both pics are credits to Danelaw Scandinavia.

Credits to Kampf Empire.

All two credits to Kranostav.

All three cedits to Peatiktist.

Credits to A mean old man *

Credits to Ryccia.

Credits to Gorbastan.

*Banjecting multiple RO's*

*Propaganda campaign*

*Impending update*

"I am...the Fedelegate."

*Gaining delegacy*

"I am...Aelitia."

"I...failed the Rahls..."

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Credits to Stellar Colonies