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Odinland Farms Specialty Food Store

Odinland Farms Specialty Food Store Product List


Jalapeņo Sizzle Steak- $25 per lbs
Sage Smoked Chicken- $14.00 per lbs
Old Fashion Greek lamb chops-$10.00 per lbs
Lamb, Frozen Chops-$10 per Lb
Smokehouse Burgers-$7.00 per lbs
Brown Sugar Whole Ham-$120
Deep Fried Whole Turkey- $250
Elk Sausage- $10.00 per lbs
Pork-$90 per Lb
Ground Beef-$3.70 per Lb
Ground Chuck Beef- $3.80 per Lb
Ground beef, lean and extra-$5.20 per lb
Whole Chickens, Ready-To-Eat -$100 per Lb


Lemongrass Wild Salmon Fillets- $ $30.00 per lbs
Sweet & Smoky Salmon- $22.00 per Lb
Odinburghian Famous Crab Legs- $15.00 per lbs
Ocean Fresh Shrimp- $6.00 per lbs
Ocean Fresh Cod- $3.00 per lbs
Seaside Oysters- $12.00 per lbs
Mussels $3.50 per Lb
Eels $10.00 per Lb
Scallops $13.00 per Lb


Corn- $2 per Lb
Soybeans-$10 per Lb
Wheat-$6 per Lb
Oats- $3 per Bushel
Barley-$2 per Metric Ton
Sorghum-$4 per Metric Ton
Russet Potatoes-$7 per lb

Mixes & Such

100% whole grain pancakes mix-$2.00
Instant bacon 'n chives quick spuds mix- $2.00
Classic raisin cinnamon bread mix- $2.00
Captain Bruno's Italian bread sticks mix- $2.00
Cocoa Beans-$20 per Metric Ton
Odinburghian Coffee Beans-$15 per Lb
Asgard Tea Company (24 tea bags)-$25 per box
Sugar-$20 per Lb


Twinkles - $1.00
Caramellows - $1.00
Wonkies - $1.00
Whippersnappers - $1.00
Snownutters- $1.00

Asgardia Vintage Wine Estates Specialty Wines

Gechen Rosato $110/12-bottle crate
Sugary velvet overtones with a some ass-spankin' tasy white pepper flavor

Chabourg Clairet $210/12-bottle crate
Mixed burnt espresso flavors and a snap-crackle-pop Cran-Apple perfume

Verre Dulce $54/12-bottle crate
Creamy musk elements and a raucous lavender finish

Chiogocati Noir $13/12-bottle crate
Stale strawberry aroma and libido-boosting Home Run Pie undertones

Brunia Cap Classique $96/12-bottle crate
Intertwining bizarre oyster midtones with a old-school crack-cocaine essence

Vunay Liquoroso $65/12-bottle crate
Caramelized pepper midtones and a introverted marigold aroma

Chinote $21/12-bottle crate
Blended bashful mustard midtones with a complex wintergreen aftertaste

Dhiornet Vendemmia $76/12-bottle crate
Citrus essence and fruity macademia nut overtones

Keresco Abboccato $110/12-bottle crate
Toasty lemon flavors and a cryptic garlic perfume

Hibricano Rosso $200/12-bottle crate
Latino whitefish flavors with a zesty cactus flavor

Yonvutium Blanco $20/12-bottle crate
Pickled elements and a mildewed marijuana aroma

Wemchower Mousseux $85/12-bottle crate
Intertwining sleep-inducing squid midtones with a hallucinogenic mango-fandango finish

Oresco Piquant $40/12-bottle crate
Retrograde cheeseburger overtones with a swift chocolate aftertaste