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Local Council Elections, November 2019

Welcome, friends, to the Local Council Elections of November 2019!

In accordance with the Local Council regulations

4. Election Process

(1) Prior to the opening of the first voting period of the LC election, there will be a period of 3 days where residents can nominate candidates, and candidates can accept nominations, which will commence after a region-wide telegram sent by the Election Commissioner announcing the opening of nominations. This will be followed by 3 days where candidates can campaign, which will commence after a region-wide telegram sent by the Election Commissioner announcing the close of nominations and start of the campaign.

(2) The election will be two game side polls, each lasting three days. The winner of the first poll will be elected onto the Local Council, and all remaining candidates will move on to the next poll, where the top two candidates will be elected.

(3) If there are three candidates or fewer, all candidates will be automatically elected. If there are fewer than three candidates, the elected Local Council shall fill any remaining spaces on the Local Council under the terms outlined in Section 5 of this Act.

(4) If there are between four and eleven candidates, the election will occur as stated.

(5) If there are more than eleven candidates, the vote will be split into two three day polls with the top eleven vote-receiving candidates continuing onto the set of normal voting periods.

(6) Re-open nominations (RON) must be an option on both normal voting periods.

(7) In the event of a tie, all tied candidates will be elected unless this takes the number of Local Councillors to greater than three, in which case there will be a separate three day poll for the tied candidates.

(8) In the event of RON winning a poll, any candidates elected prior to that poll will be allowed to take their place on the Local Council without running again, and the nominations would re-open for the remaining places.

(9) In the event a candidate who has won a round but is later disqualified by the Election Commissioner or the Council on Regional Security, that roundís results are voided and a new round shall be added.

(10) The terms for the incoming Local Council begin when the Election Commissioner certifies the results and the Delegate assigns Regional Officer Powers, before which any and all election-related disputes must be settled. The outgoing Local Council will maintain their offices until then.

the schedule will be as follows:

Nominations: 11PM UTC Saturday 30th November - 11PM UTC Tuesday 3rd December.
Campaigning: 11PM UTC Tuesday 3rd December - 11PM UTC Friday 6th December.
Voting Round 1 will begin around 11PM UTC on Friday 6th December and run until 11PM UTC Monday 9th December.
Voting Round 2 will tentatively begin around 11PM UTC Monday 9th December and run until 11PM UTC Thursday 12th December.

This timescale may be subject to change.

Confirmed Candidates


Conflict of Interest


Concrete Slab

The Western Concrete Slabian Isles
The Northern Concrete Slabian Isles
The eastern concrete slabian isles
The southern concrete slabian isles
The crossed blades
Totally not an artificial furry
The poker through The poker 30
Positions of COI: Psomewhere moderator
Citizen and executive staff member of TNP through The Northern Concrete Slabian Isles

Well, here we go again...

Third time's the charm!

Concrete Slab for Local Council!!


Volaworand wrote:Erinor I officially nominate Concrete Slab Hanguk-Nippon and Aidenfieeld

Agalaesia wrote:As an addition:

I nominate Midand and Concrete Slab too!

This nomination game is fun, isn't it?

*Eats more chocolate*

Aidenfieeld wrote:Thank you, I accept. I would like to nominate Concrete Slab, Beepee, and The Solar System Scope.

Heya! For those who don't know me, I'm your resident sentient building material, CS, and I'm running for Local Councillor! After a long hiatus and government ban I am ready to continue serving the people of TSP!

Accomplishments and Stuff I Did

-For almost two years I have been an active member of The South Pacific, seen on the regional message board at least once per day.
- I am a leading member in the World Assembly in TSP, usually in the top three for endorsement count and endotarting performance. I even wrote a resolution in the General Assembly and Security Council!
- I have served as a legislator in the TSP forums for many months, voting on pieces of legislation and managing the World Assembly discussion page.
- I am an active member on the TSP discord.
- I am one of the leading fellow of the Ministry of Regional Affairs.
- I have sent many regional telegrams promoting the forums and telling the populace of important announcements.
- Made some SUPER fun polls in my time as an LCer.
- I've served on the Local Council and am 2/2 in election

What You Gonna Do?

My terms have been... quite interesting. Anyway, here's what I want to do next term!
- Continue welcoming new nations to the TSP!
- Legalize double posting! It's pretty annoying when you have different things to say, but your second post is suppressed. If it's obviously spam, I'll suppress. However, I would make double posting in normal settings legal.
- Continue my STELLAR rmb moderation! (:/)
- Make some more most excellent polls!
- Play lots of rmb games, getting feedback from you!
- Make sure that TSP is a welcoming place for new nations!

TSP is my home away from home, and I want to continue making it yours too! So vote for Concrete Slab today!

Read dispatch

Beepee (elected)

CoI in campaign dispatch.

Please Vote for Beepee for Local Councillor

Let's jump into this elections campaign!

Hi everyone,

It's me, Beepee.

I'm running for a position in the Local Council.

I'm not very good at selling myself... but here goes.

  • I think I can bring something fun to the position with my love of bureaucracy and all things Erinor...

  • I'm all up for fun and keeping the RMB an active and interesting place.

  • I already know the rules and laws, and well, that's a pretty decent thing to know...

  • I was once a pretty average MoRA..... so I know about being average and thats good.

  • I've been here for a couple of years now so you know me and, well, you know me... maybe...

  • I recently had to protect the board from a naughty I know about not being a bad person.

  • Like your deodorant, I provide 24hr protection....I'm Australian, that means I can protect you when the Europeans and/or Americans are in bed.

  • I like to buttle and clean up your mess.

What will I do...

  • I know how to do awesome polls!

  • I know how to be really active and to keep you active!

  • I'm a wonderful host with lots of greeting skills!

  • I can update things, and can dispatch my way to your heart!

  • I can tell those in offsite what you are all thinking!

  • I can encourage you to become the best (or, if you prefer, the worst) you can be!

Remember together we are amazing... together we are unstoppable!

Vote Beepee!

Questions and Answers

Proctethia wrote:

Since you two are running for LC, I'd like to know your perspective on roleplaying.

Beepee wrote:I enjoy some light RP... who can forget my wonderful interpretation of a butler, a henchman, a disapproving goose, etc.... but I'm not keen when that's all that happens on the RMB.... I like a good mix and balance on the RMB.

Linguiniland wrote:

While I agree with your choice of religion as well as your acceptance of Erinor as God Emperor I am concerned about you lack of "buttling" being mentioned in the above dispatch. I hope you intend to correct this in any further dispatch.

Also if we are allowed to ask the candidates questions I would like to know how you would intend to sell knee braces to penguins?

Beepee wrote:Oooh yes! I do love to buttle!... I shall update the dispatch with this glorious question and, of course, buttle my way to your heart!

In respect of knee braces for penguins. I think that it's very important for all penguins to appear stiff limbed.

This accentuates the waddle making them both (1) additionally cute and (2) easier prey (to make penguin pies).

As such, intend to flood the market with knee braces (for which I will of course rely on my team of smurfs and the boards kind will) and mandate into law that all penguins must wear such braces or face severe penalties (including, but not limited to, being stuffed with marshmallow).

This course of action should allow some price gouging and additional profits to flood back to me the RMB.

Thank you for this excellent question.

Drystar wrote:Daft Tinkle, TSP Expose News, can you tell us how it feels running against Concrete Slab, who was one of your loyal minions during the Erinor delegate year?

Also, how do you respond to Zessís allegations of you being an ďencouragerĒ.

Beepee wrote:Well Daft, those are excellent questions. I do love TSP expose news, it's such a reputable news agency.

Running against Slabbie is always interesting.

He is one of those characters that you never quite know what he's going to do next. Is he going to drop a nuclear weapon on a poor unsuspecting person or is he going to slap them with a wet fish.

It's that unpredictability that makes him so endearing to voters and such hard competition.

I have a solid platform and foundation and we'll have to see if the RMB values dependable SPIT supplies over blamanche fights.

I know the voters will once again brutalise me, of that I'm sure.

Zess's compliments are lovely.

I always encourage people to be whatever they want to be, including letting them join my smurf army if that's what they desire.

Positive reinforcement of an individuals insanity is an important way to help them reach their goals in life. Zess should remember the previous encouragement I gave in my time as MORA. I'm sure they'll want to thank me for pushing them into this spotlight.


Concrete Slab wrote:Yooooooo *hugs* I accept :D

Also, I nominate Beepee

Aidenfieeld wrote:Thank you, I accept. I would like to nominate Concrete Slab, Beepee, and The Solar System Scope.

Proctethia wrote:

I nominate Beepee and The Filippinas!

Thank you.

Conflict of Interest

I, Beepee, being of sound mind and body (at least as sound as it's ever going to be) hereby declare:

  • I am a member of the Legislator Assembly within the South Pacific and I am a member of MoRA.

  • I am a member of the World Assembly.

  • I have no affiliations with any other region.

  • I have a puppet Catenham, currently awaiting a LC Debate... I think all my other puppets have lapsed into the wilderness.

  • I am also available on discord.

  • I swear to uphold the values and principles of the South Pacific.

Erinor's tagged because he's wonderful and so he has this dispatch for EC purposes.

Read dispatch


I have no current affiliations in other regions, now that my puppet-storage region has suddenly CTEíd. My only remaining puppet nation resides in TSP. More information available upon request.



CoI in campaign dispatch.

Agalaesia wrote:As an addition:

I nominate Midand and Concrete Slab too!

This nomination game is fun, isn't it?

*Eats more chocolate*

I now open the board to any questions.
Ping me on the RMB, message me via Discord or the forums, or telegram me with any questions you have!
List of Nations: Midand, Midandian puppet iii
Regions: the South Pacific, Psomewhere
Positions: Legislator in TSP, and moderator of Psomewhere
Read dispatch


CoI in campaign dispatch

Zess for Local Council!

Hey! Itís me! Zess! This is my first time running for a position on The South Pacific Local Council and it would mean the world to me if you voted for me. Iíve been on NationStates as Zess for over a year now and I thought it was high time I got involved in helping out the RMB I love so dearly. As an LC Iíll try and be approachable and open to suggestions and criticism while remaining stern and tough on rule breakers. But enough of that, letís talk about what I stand for.

  • I am pro-roleplay on the RMB. I think itís an important part of TSP culture and itís something truly unique about the region.
  • I am pro-double posting. It takes up almost just as much space as simply editing your first post and editing the post doesnít notify any of the intended recipients like a second post would. I am not supportive of over two posts in a row though.
  • Fun polls are good to do! I think they can be very entertaining and even spark interesting conversations. If Iím elected Iíd propose that all the Local Councillors take turns making polls so long as no elections are coming up too soon.
  • Love Ďem.
  • Iím not going to make any grand promises that Iíll organize trivia every week or something. Many have said they would do it in the past and Iíve never seen it actually work out.
  • I think itís important to welcome new nations to the region and I will make an effort to personally greet any I can!
  • If I was elected I would be certain to only suppress that which breaks the rules. I promise I will never suppress any posts for personal gain or for no reason.

Conflicts of Interest

Rogdol, Wilska, New zess, and Holy zess.


Concrete Slab wrote:I nominate Zess too, as long as he changes the dispatch :P

Lily Pad Nation wrote:Erinor I nominate Zess.
Wait, let me rephrase that: I demand Zess to be one of the three LCs

Remember! Vote Zess for LC! Keep the LC on the RMB!
Read dispatch

Nominated Candidates

Concrete Slab (accepted)
Hanguk-Nippon (declined)
Aidenfieeld (accepted)
Quiescent (not accepted)
Beepee (accepted) (elected)
The Solar System Scope (declined)
The Filippinas (declined)
Volaworand (declined)
Drystar (declined)
Midand (accepted)
Marco the aonooki (accepted) (disqualified)
Proctethia (declined)
Abarri (declined)
Zess (accepted)

Can I run in this Election?

Not any longer, as the nomination period has now closed. Here is a list of candidate eligibility criteria to hear in mind for next time, however:

3. Candidate Eligibility
(1) A candidate may only run for one seat on the Local Council.

(2) Candidates must receive and accept a nomination on the Regional Message Board from a resident WA nation in The South Pacific that is not their own account or controlled or accessible by the candidate nominated. The acceptance post must quote the nominating post in full and mention the Election Commissioner using nation tags. Nominations and declined nominations should not tag the Election Commissioner.

(3) To be eligible, a candidate must be a resident of The South Pacific, and all candidates must file a full Conflict of Interest disclosure to the Election Commissioner, fully listing all nations they control and can access and disclosing any positions held in other regions.

(4) The Election Commissioner shall share the Conflict of Interest Disclosure with the Council on Regional Security to allow a security check.

(5) The CRS can prevent any candidate from running if they deem them to be a security threat.

(6) Candidates shall publicly post their Conflict of Interest disclosure in a dispatch, which may be their campaign dispatch. At the request of the candidate The Minister of Military Affairs may authorize the waiving of the public disclosure of nations participating in South Pacific Special Forces operations. In such cases the public disclosure should state that SPSF participating nations are not listed as authorized by the Minister of Military Affairs. The Minister of Military Affairs shall confirm this by sending confirmation to the Election Commissioner.

(7) If, at any time before the election is certified, the Election Commissioner or the Council on Regional Security determines a candidate's Conflict of Interest Disclosure is not fully truthful, or the CRS determines a candidate represents a security threat, then the candidate will be disqualified from the election.

(8) An intentional deception or omission in a Conflict Of Interest, or knowingly abetting in another's claims to a false identity, wherein this fraud threatens the security of The South Pacific, or circumvents the laws and legal processes of The South Pacific, including the electoral process described in this Act, shall constitute Identity Fraud and be subject to referral for prosecution by the Election Commissioner or Council on Regional Security.

(9) Any Local Councilor can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. If they serve that maximum, they must wait for one full term before they can run in a regularly scheduled election for the Local Council again. Any member of cabinet must wait one full Local Council term after leaving the cabinet before they can run in a regularly scheduled election for the Local Council.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, ideally via telegram or you can tag me with a mention on the RMB.

May the odds be ever in your favour...

The Endorse Beepee of Erinor