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31 Days of Legendaries

31 Days of Legendaries

TL;DR: Join The North Pacific Cards Guild and win free legendaries!
~ Each day of December 2019, a random guild member will win a random legendary trading card.
~ On December 31st 2019, a random guild member will win a copy of the Season 1 version of Testlandia.

What is happening?

The Cards Guild's recent formation is something to celebrate: over 31 players have joined us in the first couple of weeks alone! But that is not the only reason to celebrate. Soon, it will be the holiday season! As the month is a period of joy and gifting, The North Pacific Cards Guild Leadership thought we would like to spend it celebrating with all of the Guild members in the only way we know how to celebrate: with legendaries!


For the duration of December 2019, each day, a random Guild member will be chosen to win a random legendary trading card! This is one of your best chances to get a free legendary.

And that's not all, to celebrate the coming year, on the last day, the random Guild member will win one of the most expensive legendaries in the game: the Season 1 version of Testlandia!

How do you win the free cards? LinkJoin the Guild if you are not already a member! As soon as you become a Guild member, you will automatically be entered into the lottery, starting from the first day of your membership.

Happy holidays everyone!

Who has won what so far?

You can find below a list of all winners and the cards they were gifted.

What if I still have questions?

Please feel free to contact Minister of Culture Prydania or Guildmaster Praeceps. They would be happy to help!

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