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November Update: Union of Democrats

Ministry of Information and Communication

Reformation Process

The Council of Active Nations of the Union have decided to renovate the region through a Master Action Plan. The Renovation Plan includes the following goals:

Rewrite the Constitution
Upgrade the Existing Policies and Dispatches
Admission of New Members
Holding Fresh Elections for Every Admin Post
Try to create a seperate Department for RolePlay

New Embassy Policy

The Union has upgraded and released their new Embassy Policy, along with a list of Diplomatic Relations.

Authoization of Political Parties

The Union has allowed the formation of Political Parties and authorized two new Political Parties.

New Regional Map

A New Regional Map of the region was designed by Bavorossiya. All the residents are requested to contact the nation for allocation of spots on the Map.

Discord Server and Offsite Forum Temporarily Suspended

To restore activity to the Regional Message Board (RMB), the Union has decided to suspend Discord Server and Offsite Forum, until further notice.

Discussion on Regional Framework

The Entire month was dedicated to discussions related to the Framework of region and ideas on renovation of the region, along with a poll. The Founder has said, first few weeks of December will be utilized for discussions on some more important issues of the region, before Publishing the New Constitution and Holding Elections. The Founder has also assured to hold Presidential Elections before Christmas.